Top 5 Virtual Professions You Can Do From Anywhere

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If you’re looking for more flexibility and freedom in your job and love the idea of avoiding the commute, then a virtual profession could be ideal for you. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a small side hustle either. There are plenty of ways you can work full-time from home, or anywhere, and develop a career. If you properly promote your personal brand online, you can be your own boss and offer your services to different businesses. Here are five ideas that are becoming more popular at the moment.

Virtual assistant

Working as a virtual assistant allows you to showcase your wide range of skills. The job can actually be quite varied and you offer a number of services. These may include administration, email marketing, content writing, and more. You can reach out to a number of businesses and take on short or long-term contracts according to your preferences and lifestyle. Here’s a complete guide on how to become a virtual assistant.

HR assistant

If you’ve got experience in HR working for a company, but would rather reap the benefits of going freelance, you could make the switch to becoming a virtual HR assistant or consultant. If you’ve always had a passion for this type of work but don’t have much experience you could consider online hr degree programs. This type of qualification would look great on your resume and you can build up a client list.

Customer support

For those of you with great people skills, you could consider offering customer support services from home. You can do this for one or multiple businesses at a time. Often customer support work can be done via an online chat function or you could opt to take phone calls as well. You’ll get training on the job and can then be flexible with your working hours.

Content writer

If you’ve always had a passion for writing you could turn this into a career. Businesses require talented content writers to help them create material for their website, blog articles, advertising copy, and more. You have different options as a content writer. You could either work for an agency or if you work to develop an online presence yourself you can reach out to your own clients. Here are a few tips for promoting your personal brand online. You can then develop your writing career from anywhere.

Virtual tutor

Tutoring online can be very lucrative. It pays well by the hour and there are various secure platforms you can use to find students. As you build a client base, you’ll also develop good word of mouth and get more students this way.  If you’ve got specialist knowledge in a certain subject, you could run a successful business as a virtual tutor. This type of work is very rewarding and you can choose your timetable. These are just a few examples of ways to make money remotely. Many other professions are going virtual nowadays, so you can find the role that best suits you.

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