These Are The 4 Products You’ll Need To Build An Effective At-Home Gym

No more excuses. Let’s get these abs, sis.

The most common excuse for letting a gym routine slide is lack of time. For many people, personal fitness is a very appealing prospect. It shapes and refines the body, while also nurturing emotional wellbeing. The question is, how do you find time for exercise when work and family life leaves few opportunities?

Well, one option is to bring the gym to you. Exercise equipment has never been more accessible or affordable. It is extremely varied, with everything from full home gyms to weight plates, barbells, cardio machines, bosu balls and more on offer to those with the space to house them. If the gym is in your living room, you can say goodbye to lapsed routines.

Let’s take a look at some of the best home gym equipment on the market right now.

The Spin Bike

The benefits of using a spin bike are numerous. This fast-paced workout tones the quads, hamstrings, lower legs, upper body and the glutes. It’s also fantastic for the heart, as spinning combines cardio with resistance, particularly when cycling uphill.

When shopping for a spin bike, look for a sturdy flywheel and adjustable resistance settings. It’s useful to spend a little more on a bike with super quiet wheels if you’re concerned about disturbing the neighbors.

The Dumbbell Set

Dumbbells pop up in almost every home gym for good reason. When it comes to impact and space economy, they win every time. High quality free weights can train the body just as well as larger machines, but they take up little room and are much easier to transport.

We’re fond of vinyl dumbbell sets because they’re coated with non-slip materials. This makes them gentle on the hands, even after extended workouts. They’re also less likely to cause damage to floors if dropped from a height.

The Cardio Machine

The most effective fat burning routines combine cardio and weight training. Weights help the body burn calories long after a workout. Cardio strengthens the heart and melts those excess pounds. If you’re serious about getting in shape, it’s a good idea to add a cardio machine to your home gym.

If you want value for money, it may be worth investing in a multifunctional cardio machine. For instance, some elliptical machines also double up as spin bikes. It’s a great way to save space, cash and time. Look for integrated pulse sensors and easy to use resistance settings.

The Pull Up Bar

Pull up bars aren’t for everybody. In fact, they’re one of the toughest pieces of equipment to master whether you’re in or outside the gym. Yet, the benefit of having a home version is plenty of space and time to practice. You don’t have to share, so take as long as you want.

Our favorite home pull-up bars are the ones that require no construction. They don’t leave holes in the doorframe because they don’t need to be permanently affixed to it. On the other hand, if you feel safer with a screwed in bar, many of these portable products also come with the option to use permanent fittings.

While you could visit a brick and mortar store for your gym equipment, online shopping comes with the added benefit of delivery. It’s a big perk, particularly when dealing with heavy weights and machines. Don’t be afraid to dive deep into customer reviews, as it might be difficult to return large items. It’s important to investigate quality and reliability before you buy.

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