3 Common Myths About Shea Butter You Should Stop Believing

Shea butter is a standout product for growing your hair, taming dry skin, and so much more. The American Shea Butter Institute states that shea butter is a really great moisturizer and has amazing healing properties for skin because of its ingredients, including its rich amounts of vitamins A and E. It is widely known that the essential oil is a powerful tool for locking in moisture, but that’s not all it can do! Scroll down to learn the truth about the power of shea butter.

What You Need To Know About Using Shea Butter: Facts vs. Fiction

MYTH:   Shea butter is overrated. Vaseline is just as good for hair and skin.

FACT:     No ma’am. Certain products like Vaseline often have harsh ingredients (like mineral oil from petroleum) that can actually dry your hair out and be counterproductive to its health and growth. Shea butter can be found at affordable prices and is definitely worth the investment.

MYTH:   Shea butter can only be used to moisturize.

FACT:    According to Sierra Bright of Natural Living Ideas, regularly applying shea butter two or three times a week will help promote healthy hair growth. It helps with dry or oily scalp as well as dandruff. If you like to use other essential oils to moisturize your hair, shea butter is good for sealing in that moisture. Bright also shared that aching joints, cold and sinuses, as well as insect bites can all be relieved by shea butter.

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Katie of Wellness Mama shares that shea butter can help remove under-eye wrinkles and reduce bags under your eyes, and stop soreness on your nose during cold or flu. She also notes that if you apply shea butter to your eyelids before applying makeup, it can help your makeup last longer.   Shea butter is a good base product for homemade items, including lip balm and deodorant (Check out wikiHow for step-by-step instructions). By the way, here are fifty more ways you can use shea butter.

MYTH:    It’s too expensive and real shea butter is hard to find.

FACT:     We found some super affordable tubs of shea butter at! This company offers shea butter in its various forms, including 100% natural butter, body butter, and whipped!

The truth about shea butter is that it’s everything we need and more! If you’re not utilizing this natural beauty product then you’re missing out!



  1. carolyn

    April 2, 2017 at 4:43 am

    Interesting article. I suffer from ezcema and have been known to use vaseline to try and calm it down

  2. Sasha Cesar

    May 12, 2017 at 10:50 pm

    Have you tried Aveeno Eczema creams? They really worked for me.


    February 23, 2018 at 7:37 am

    interesting thanks for your post

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