The Truth About “Making It” and Becoming Successful: 6 Steps to Get in Formation

First things first, I’m gonna need you to let go of any notion that you can take a short cut, buy it, refurbish it and bypass hard work to become successful.

Unless you’re born with a silver spoon in your mouth and joined the Kardashian coalition of having that “it” factor, it’s not gonna happen. And even Kim had to pay a price. Remember the now infamous tape and non-stop backlash and scrutiny that came along with it? Yeah.

The truth is, you’re going to have to give up something. PERIOD.

You’re going to have to make a conscious decision to wake up earlier, stick to a schedule, miss a few outings with friends or family and get focused MAN!

And I know what you’re thinking. Yes, some people’s timeline and road to attaining success and wealth won’t look like yours. Having connections and unlimited resources may make it happen a bit faster but you can’t by pass the work that comes with attaining and maintaining the kind of success that enables you to live the life you want and not what you’re forced to. You want the option of working when you want, go on vacation, enjoy more time with your family and loved ones, right? It’s possible. But all that comes after sacrificing all that I’ve already mentioned above.

And guess what, no one will care about any of it. How hard you’ve worked, the sacrifices you’ve had to make, or any excuses if you’re still second best; the runner-up. Whoever remembers the next best anyway? You’re either gonna stick to your guns and do what you’ve set out to do or not. But no one cares.

Whether it’s a career, getting in shape, having a life filled with luxury. Here are some tips on getting there.

Get up! Again, the early bird usually catches the worm. And as they say, if you fail to plan you fail to succeed. Getting your day started ahead of the bunch will help you completing tasks with minimal distractions.

Write it down, take a picture, memorize it: By writing things down and creating something tangible (like a vision board), you give yourself daily, weekly, monthly reminders for why you’re working so hard and what you’re working towards. You now have a blueprint for what you want and how you’re going to get there.

Research: Truth is, we don’t know it all. And even when we think we do, we just don’t. The world is constantly changing and with it, information. Never stop learning about your field and area of expertise.

Be Consistent: Consistency can be hard. And that’s honestly because life can kick you in the gut and take you off course. But continuing down your path to success, even when you don’t feel like it, will put you on a better path to attaining it. Rome was not built in a day.

Perseverance: There will be days you want to give up. Throw in the towel and say “to hell with that”. I’ve had many. There will also be days when you feel like a failure, but it is in those moments we sometimes learn the best lessons. Regroup, re-strategize and get back on task. Your hard work will eventually pay off.

No excuses: So, you’re tired. AND? Join the club of overworked, overwhelmed, perhaps underpaid, and with less time to do anything. I did mention that no one will care about all that, right? It’s a harsh reality but it’s the ugly truth. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Are you ready to get in FORMATION? 2017 is around the corner and it’s already begun for those who’ve set their plans and goals in motion. What will be your excuse?

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1 Comment

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