The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Tights

It is officially fall and with the chilly wind comes a whole different set of must haves in the closet. Tights are a great way to transition from the summer and into the cooler fall weather. Here are a few guidelines on some of the do and don’ts of tights.

Do own one grey and one black pair of tights. These colors will go with most clothing.

spidytightsDo wear tights with short skirts. Tights are a great addition to short skirts and dresses.

Do not go over board with the prints and patterns. A general rule to wearing print is to wear one print and one solid color. Avoid wearing a print tights and print clothing. Be aware of big bold ‘Halloween’ patterns when buying tights. They can be very alluring but often work on limit occasions and with very few clothing.

Do take note of your shape. Know how tights will fit you and choose the right size. In this case,  it’s better to buy tights that might be a bit bigger because the color and opaqueness of the tights will be distorted if they are too tight on your skin. A well-fitting pair of tights will have a pretty solid and consistent look on the body.

Do not wear tights as pants, as leggings or as jegings.

Do wear a nice pair of boots. Whether ankle or knee-high, boots are a great way to any outfit. Be more cautious about paring tights with peep toed shoes. If you need to wear dress shoes, a pair of high-heeled Oxfords or pumps will do.

Do not wear form fit clothing. To even out the tights, wear A-line dresses or tunic like dresses and sweaters.

Do not wear torn tights. This is never a good idea. Even if the tear is covered by another article of clothing, it can spread very quickly and turn into a mortifying situation.

Do try  different looks and designs. Here are a few I’d suggest you try out.

tights2 tights1

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