The Beauty of Being Bad

Bad Gal Riri.  Sasha Fierce.  Mimi.  Many famous female artists have diva alter-egos that allow them to unapologetically and unabashedly show off their raw, sexy, powerful, ultra-femme sides: in other words, their “bad sides”.  And yet society usually condemns the idea of being a “bad girl”. The phrase is attached to a negative connotation. Words like “femme fatales” insinuate a woman who overly embraces her sexuality.  These kinds of women are usually deemed bitches, hoes, or the mother of all insults:  cunt.

But why do people (particularly our fellow gal-pals) oppress the very notion for which we have always been fighting for?  If being bad means taking control, then I’ll happily donate my goody two shoes in exchange for that kind of empowerment.  Being bad doesn’t necessarily have to mean being selfish or hurting others for personal gain. Being bad can simply be embracing that kick-ass, take-no-prisoners side that lies dormant in every docile woman.  We’re even seeing a surge of these kinds of atypical powerful females in movies: Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano both played bad-ass fighters in Fast & Furious 6 without having to act overtly coy and sexy.


So how to unleash your bad girl side without seeming bitchy or controlling?  It can be as simple as starting with your posture: keeping your back straight, neck high, and arms open.  Or it can be as complicated as walking into your boss’s office and negotiating a raise or bonus.  Whatever it is, it’s just a matter of taking control, whether at work, in the kitchen, or even in the bedroom—meow!

Our tagline at Bauce is “Fly.  Fierce.  On your ish.”  Which is exactly what bad girls do.  Which means you can be cool and bad, but still remain balanced in other aspects of your life. Being bad does not mean ignoring bills or credit card debt. In fact, being bad means taking control, and taking control involves all aspects of your life: being on top of your financial, physical, and mental game.  Be smart with money, and if not, talk to a financial advisor or do some research on how to invest.  Take care of your body — bad girls dress and look hot, and you can’t do that living off of McDonald’s every day.  Most importantly: bad girls are smart.  Bad girls can outsmart.  others. They are hustlers at heart, grinding each day with the gifts given to them. Always continue to educate yourself and continue learning, ‘cause let’s face it: the biggest advantage and asset a woman can have is her brain.

As Rihanna sang years ago before even embracing her new alter-ego: “once a good girl goes bad… she’s bad forever.”  No matter how old you are or what your life situation is, simply having that powerful mentality will continue to work wonders for your life.  I believe every woman should have the courage to embrace her bad side for good. To inflate her confidence with that incessant edgy need to love oneself. To have the strength to stand tall when other people want you to stand down. There’s something that’s way too crazy sexy cool about our inner rock goddess that’s hard to ignore. I challenge you to seek her out and see how you can bring her to life in a way that enhances your life rather than destroys it.


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