How To Make More Ethical and Sustainable Choices With Your Furniture

Sustainability is the buzzword on everyone’s lips given the issues we are facing as a planet. Our distinct lack of focus on the future has meant that we are in a crisis of climate caused by a multitude of factors. One of the causes of this is, of course, our throwaway culture and in order to make enough significant change to reverse some of the detrimental impact, every person and every industry should do what they can.

The furniture industry is sizeable enough to make a difference and thus, recycling of all types is extremely important not only for the consumer making their choices but largely for the manufacturers too. Making better, more ethical choices is something everyone should focus on and can start with buying durable, well-made products in the first place. One place to start is with your doors – take a look at the Online Door Store to select a stylish and lasting product for your home.

There are two distinct ways recycling works in the furniture world and we’ve taken a closer look below:

Furniture made from recycled products

We all have recycling bins to separate our waste but how often do you consider what that waste is turned into after it has been treated at the plant? You might not know that plastics can be recycled and turned into upholstery and seating for furniture so you might end up sitting on your old plastic bottle one day! With 480 billion plastic bottles purchased in 2017, that are a lot of chairs that can be made out of the waste.

Reclaimed wood is also becoming increasingly popular with which to create stunning pieces of furniture for the home. These can offer a certain style for both contemporary and traditional homes and is recycling at it’s very finest, respecting the product’s previous format and giving it a new life. The same can be said of metal although this can be used in both ways; either traditionally recycled and made into something totally new or kept more in its original format and repurposed (think shelving made of former iron girders in an industrially-styled loft apartment for example).

Glass can be recycled into accessories or even tabletops, shards can be used for mosaic wall art. You can even hark back to Italian restaurants of the 70s when old wine bottles were used as candelabras!


Upcycling furniture is growing in popularity for two key reasons: 1. it is a great way to have a unique piece in your home that might be a modernized old-fashioned item and 2. it’s a sustainable way to furnish your home. Whether you do it yourself as a project, do it yourself in order to keep your costs lower, or you purchase from a professional, you can have the peace of mind that you are contributing positively to our environmental issues by re-using rather than buying new. It’ll also look amazing in your house!

One way to ensure the items in your home do not need replacing too quickly thus facilitating the throwaway culture is to ensure you buy quality in the first place. Sourcing good quality products that will stand the test of time means you can enjoy them for years and then when the time has come for a change, you can sell them on for someone else to recycle into their lives.

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