Spas in Dubai: oases of beauty, a world of luxury


Dubai can rightfully be considered the busiest place on earth, and at the same time, this city knows how to find balance and harmony in everything. Despite the fact that there are no natural thermal springs in Dubai, the spa infrastructure is very well developed here.

Guests of the city can not only enjoy a varied vacation, but also the most pleasant relaxation in any of the modern chic spas of the emirate, which are located both at hotels and as separate centers.

The range of services includes a variety of beauty treatments, the best massage and relaxation techniques, a spa proper, and a traditional hammam. Luxurious interiors of beauty salons, amazing panoramic views in recreation areas create an indescribable feeling of comfort and tranquility.

  • Hammams (“ham” in translation from Arabic – “warm”), also known as Moroccan baths, became popular as early as the 14th century. Initially, they served as a mass ritual action – deep cleansing before prayer. Seeing them as a wonderful addition to their personal care programs, Dubai’s spas and beauty salons have turned the ritual into an extremely invigorating treatment to detoxify and soften skin.

The best spas for women

If you ask a woman on vacation in the Emirates – what gift she dreams of, 8 out of 10 will answer that I want to visit a traditional beauty and health salon. All want to get an unforgettable feeling of harmony and care, indulge in plenty, and achieve maximum relaxation.

  • SPA means “health with the help of water”, for Arab women it is not only cosmetic procedures but a whole ritual aimed at improving the condition of the entire female body, restoring strength and energy.

It is difficult to overestimate the health benefits (both physical and psychological) of a Moroccan bath. Indeed, in addition to all kinds of procedures, you have access to luxurious swimming pools (with sea and fresh water), private beaches, and gyms, where no one will bother you.

  • The effect is definitely noticeable: after relaxing sessions, you not only improve your overall tone and mood but often, in addition to pleasant sensations, they can actually improve your health.

The value of women

The cost of Moroccan baths for women in this region is higher compared to the popular Turkish hammams. Why? There is no exact answer here, one can only guess. Is it worth it? It’s up to you, of course. But not a single woman who has undergone the procedure has yet regretted it.

Moroccan baths in the UAE are distinguished by their attitude towards women. In the Arab East, they know everything about the peculiarities of caring for the female body – techniques and methods have been developed to preserve and enhance the natural female beauty.

The set of procedures is standard – face masks, pedicure, manicure, hair masks based on a special collection of herbs, and much more.

Some women prefer not to wash their hair for a while after this procedure, claiming that they experience an incomparable feeling of lightness. It is believed that the therapeutic effect of such a mask does indeed have a prolonged effect.

Different types of scrubs and peeling are already more traditional in nature. But fragrant Moroccan soap made from a mixture of essential oils and volcanic tuff is valuable in itself. If the opportunity presents itself, we recommend that you take some with you.

Where to go

Spa Talise will charm you with the elegance and grace of the interior in the ancient Egyptian style, will offer a truly royal service, and a variety of treatments, including the most exotic, will pleasantly surprise you. After your spa session, enjoy the amazing views from the balcony of Burj Al Arab, one of Dubai’s most famous hotels. The warm sea breeze will make you feel like you’re in seventh heaven.

A traditional oriental hammam is well worth a visit at One & Only Royal Mirage in one of Dubai’s fastest-growing neighborhoods, Jumeirah. Aromatherapy relieves stress and prepares the body for a relaxing massage. It offers visitors several steam rooms, a jacuzzi, water massage, and stone therapy, which helps to restore strength and relieve fatigue.

The famous Amara Spa offers its clients an original way of aqua therapy, namely a visit to the rain room, so desired in the desert.

An unforgettable experience for any person and complete relaxation in the royal bath you can find at Armonia. At your service Morrocan bath, Swedish, full-body, hot stone, relaxing, and other spa treatments.

Spa treatments are one of the services most demanded by tourists, so the number of spas in Dubai is growing every year. Even Dubai Airport offers spa relaxation to weary travelers. Traveling around the Emirates, you will undoubtedly feel cared for and a high level of service, when your every wish comes true, as if by magic!

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