Smart Advice That Will Get Your Online Shop Off the Ground

Start your online shop

Still telling your friends how awesome your homemade makeup is instead of telling the world? Every BAUCE woman has a money-making idea in her head and we are here to tell you that we live in world with vast economies and there is room for everyone at the top.

Yes! Even you can make it to the top with an online shop!

Whether your dream is to be the next Carol’s Daughter or Nasty Gal, making your e-commerce dreams come true starts by believing that you have a product or service that other people want.

And trust us, someone out there wants it. Unless its a handbag line made from tampon wrappers. That’s just nasty. Let’s keep that idea can stay tucked away in your middle school locker room.

One of our favorite YouTubers, Jouelzy, offered some awesome tips on how you can start your own online shop. Once your done listening, we recommend you take a run through this awesome post on why you need to master the art of storytelling before setting up your online shop.

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