4 Signs That You Need To Call A Plumber, Sis


You take a shower and realize that you have been spending more extended periods inside, not because you enjoy taking a shower but because of the lack of water pressure. Or worse, you were running to take a call or pick something up and slip because the floor is wet. all these and many more are reasons you need to call a plumbing company to save yourself from health hazards and fatal consequences and to save yourself from inconveniences. 

Even if it just requires a simple tune-up or is just five-minutes worth of work with the wrench, you need to call upon a plumber to stop yourself from exacerbating the situation. Mentioned below are some cases when you must immediately call a plumber to prevent the condition from worsening.

When you don’t see any drainage

When you shower or do the dishes, it feels like the puddle keeps on getting more significant and more profound; this can be due to the plumbing’s clogging up. The cause for this are many, from waste food to toys that go down the drain, there could be anything down the drain and it would be not easy to find out. 

No water pressure

If you can’t seem to get the shampoo off from your head as fast as you could or if the tub isn’t filling up even in half an hour this means that there is a lack in the water pressure and could be because of multiple reasons like a leak or a blockage. It could also be a simple blockage in the faucet’s aerator which could be cleared just by poking something sharp.

There is never water in the tank

There seems to be a desert in the tank that soaks up the water, times when you turn the faucet on and nothing flows out can be one of the most disheartening moments. You could be running late for office or date and be smelling like a caveman and, to your dismay, have no other option than to empty bottles of perfume so that you can mask the smell. The worst part is that you have no diagnostic tools even to identify where the issue is as most of the plumbing in a modern home is concealed behind the walls. At times like these, you need experts in plumbing like the New Canadian Drain & Plumbing in Ontario; that provide you with exceptional and on-time service with guaranteed satisfaction.

You see algae growing and can’t seem to rest your olfactory receptors

This is a more severe problem as it not only poses a threat to your health but also because the damage has been there for long enough to let nature take over. It generally means that you have leaks nearby the growth but cannot locate the leak’s exact point as again the plumbing is concealed behind walls or simply too complex for you to meddle with. 

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