Reasons to Buy Secondhand Clothing Instead of New


With the introduction of mass-produced, inexpensive clothing fewer people are turning to used items, but there are so many reasons to buy gently used clothing no matter what your budget. Some of them will benefit you while others benefit the planet while reducing the suffering of people for a win-win. 

Higher Quality Clothes at a Cheaper Price

If you buy new designer, name-brand clothing, those price tags are going to be high, so high they’re way out of range for most budgets. But you can often find high-quality branded clothing and accessories at thrift stores for a fraction of the cost.

You’ll be able to afford those designer names and fabulous fabrics – after all, who doesn’t want a Hermes scarf or Gucci boots, maybe a Burberry coat or an Oscar de la Renta dress? Or you might even find an adorable Koala Kids tutu for your toddler. You probably wouldn’t want to pay full retail price when she’s going to grow out of it quickly, but one that looks new that won’t cost you an arm and a leg could be perfect for that photoshoot. 

There are thousands of luxury brand clothing items just waiting for someone to rediscover them whether it’s an online retailer, an app, eBay, thrift store, garage sale, estate sale, or charity shop. 

Reducing Your Impact on the Environment

The fashion industry is the environment’s second-largest polluter according to the World Economic Forum. Clothing production consumes a lot of energy and water, but if you buy used, you’ll be decreasing the demand for new, which can reduce the pressure on manufacturers to produce them in such large quantities.

When there is a constant supply of used items that are still valuable, the demand to make more new goods naturally decreases. Every time you purchase used products, you’re saving all the resources that are required to make them, like the 400 gallons of water it takes just to make one cotton t-shirt. That’s more than double the average person drinks in a year.

Supporting Something Better

When you buy secondhand clothing, depending on where it’s purchased from, you may be supporting a charity. You can do some research before shopping at the thrift stores in your area to find out if they have charity affiliations.

Or maybe you’re contributing to your community by putting money back into your town’s small businesses. Even if you’re simply buying from an individual on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, it’s better than giving your money to a corporate giant. It’s guilt-free shopping and a vote for a better society. 

Additionally, those large manufacturers mass-producing clothes often defy human rights. That means the more there is a demand for those goods, the more it supports unethical, exploitative practices like slave labor and sweatshops. As the demand is reduced, the more those activities that harm others are reduced.

It’s Fun

Explore thrift stores and charity shops, digging through the items at flea markets, and searching online stores is fun. You never know what bargains you’ll turn up, and when you find that hidden treasure, it’s always a big thrill.

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