Raising A Future BAUCE: The Power of Encouragement, Praise, and Appreciation

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A child’s mental state is key for their development.

Of late, talks about gender roles and equality has become a frequent topic around the world. There is also awareness and education that’s offered to fix and prevent inequality from arising in the future with the current generation and those yet to come. As for young moms and moms to be, you are constantly reminded of how you must give equal importance to both daughters and sons. This means you should treat them the same, raise them both with the same values, and encourage them in the same way so that they grow into people who believe in humanity.

What Do Children Need the Most?

Unlike in the older days, the world today gives loads of importance to mental and psychological wellness and focuses especially on young children. It is incredibly important to take care of a child’s emotional and mental needs because it’s the mind and the heart that actually plays a huge and crucial role in shaping the entire life and character of a child. The mental and emotional state of a child can affect their decisions, choices, personality, and general outlook on the various aspects of life. In other words, these are the two key things that matter the most in every growing child.

Discipline in Children

Most parents, when they start noticing their kids showing signs of stubbornness or disobedience, start to think of ways to stop them instantly. They try to act stern and commanding, and even impose rigid rules and penalties on kids. This approach may have worked in the past, perhaps when you were a child. However, it certainly isn’t the best way to raise a child and has never been the right approach for their development. What you need to know is that, instead of looking for ways to fix your child’s behavior, it is even crucial that you find out why he or she developed such behavior. When you make an effort to do so, you will see that, somehow, it all stems from their need for mental and emotional care.

The Real Thing

Today, there still exists a group of parents who believe in raising their children by making them practice what is right and refrain from what is wrong. Once again, this isn’t the actual idea of the growth and development of young kids. Good parents are supposed to engage in the act of nurturing instead of imposing, directing and dictating. You need to listen to what your kids have to say, find out what they like and dislike, and consider what you can do to support their views instead of telling them what you like or dislike or expect of them.

Additionally, you need to develop tactful ways of dealing with their tantrums and outbursts. Once again, identifying their needs is the key to successful nurturing and developing relationships and bonds. One thing every parent must understand is that every child is different, even when it comes to siblings. Their specific needs can vary, too. For instance, a child may yearn for their father’s presence more often, and not being able to express this need and have it fulfilled could affect their behavior and relationships with you and with their surroundings.  When you identify and try to fill the little gaps as the parent of your child, you unconsciously help them develop good personality, mannerisms, and perceptions.


In their primary years, kids yearn for encouragement and positivity unconsciously. They would never say that they want it because they don’t even know that they do. Loads of encouragement is vital for developing kids and isn’t something you should offer only when they’ve achieved greatness in academics or sport. This is where many fail as parents because they make their kids believe that high scores at exams and medals and trophies are the greatest achievements in their lives, whereas it is quite different. That’s the reason, as a smart parent, you should introduce the concept of encouragement to your kids differently. Think about simple, everyday situations, such as when your daughter rescued an abandoned pup or saved a blind man from being hit by a car. The encouragement you offer her in these situations will actually give her the message that her little thoughts and acts speak louder than words, and that they define the integrity and values in her.

The Right Way To Reward

One thing you may want to keep in mind is that when you choose to reward your child for a good act, you need to do so appropriately. For instance, you cannot get your nine-year-old a smartphone or tablet for being generous to the poor kids on the street. This sort of encouragement and appreciation would only give your child a completely wrong idea about encouragement and rewards. Instead, you could opt for a little present that would benefit her and make her happy, but most of all, show her why she received this gift. On the other hand, if you want to reward her for excellence in academics, you may consider presents like a membership at her favorite reading club or library. Check out the following link to look for unique and purposeful gift ideas for your clever, brave, and generous daughter: .

A lot of parents have a habit of taking away or even hiding the gifts they’ve given their kids. This often happens in the heat of the moment, perhaps, in a fit of anger. However, the consequences of your gestures could be quite damaging. It certainly is okay to impose little penalties and punishments to get a clear message across, however, you need to use the appropriate means to do so. For instance, you could imply that you intended to do a little upgrade to her bedroom for Christmas, but now that she’s disappointed you a little, you’re going to have to re-think your decision or postpone the surprise until later.

When it comes to raising kids, it is essential to understand the importance of nurturing them – their ideas, their passions, and their dreams, and also identifying and filling the voids they face mentally and emotionally. If your little one’s mind and heart are in great shape, the rest is likely to take place naturally, without your effort.

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