Partying Past 21: How To Do It Right

Girls partying in club with alcohol in hand

There comes a time in your 20s when red solo cups and house parties start to feel…well, juvenile. Drinking into the wee hours of the morning has simply lost it’s luster and there’s always that looming fear that you’re the oldest person at the party. If you’ve officially outgrown the club and party scene, you’ll find these six “grown and sexy” suggestions just as fun – and not nearly as taxing. Hello restful spa dates, goodbye drunken romps!


Brunches. Nestled at the intersection of breakfast and lunch, brunch is best at a classically elegant joint, with cushy leather booths and a sleek, dark bar. When it comes to brunch I’m just excited that boozing before 5pm is a socially acceptable thing. Invite a couple of friends along and kickstart your weekend morning with bottomless mimosas and brunch classics such as chicken and waffles or shrimp n’ grits! Yum!

Music Festivals. Music festivals are more popular than ever before, with new ones popping up left and right. You’ve heard the big names (Coachella, anyone), but there’s so much more to the music festival circuit: with entire weekends devoted to hip-hop, indie music, EDM, and everything in-between, the ultimate question becomes: which should I attend?

Happy Hour. Reduced price drinks and young professionals abound, happy hour is a chance to unwind and connect. Most importantly, it’s a more appropriate setting and time of day to meet a dateable man at an unlikely location: a bar.

Spa Parties. Host a spa party for you and your closest gal pals and escape those worldly woes and sink into utter relaxation. Your whole body (and mind) will thank you when you saunter out feeling everything zen.

Networking Events. Attention, graduates! As you enter the professional world, know that networking is an essential part of any career – make networking something that you do, not just during the bad times, but during the good times as well. And good news: networking events aren’t the stuffy bore fests they used to be.

Scoutmob It. Scoutmob is my favorite place to find cool events and happenings in my city! Visit the site and click the “go local” tab for curated experiences in your town.

One thing to note though is that as much as drinking can be a part of social events, we must be careful not to go overboard. Be sure to always take a cab home so you don’t drink and drive or sober up by drinking water to balance out the alcohol.

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