Now or Never?

As a full time college student with two jobs and an active role in a sorority, it’s hard to believe time exists. It’s so hard to get free time of my own that I’m extremely used to scheduling every little thing in my life. This includes time with my loved one. Spontaneous trips to the park or late night car rides around the way may be fun and romantic, but when you’re in a relationship with a busy person it really isn’t easy to just get up and go. Is it worth it to settle down with an eventful person?

First, let’s consider what exactly busy means. Yes, we do all have jobs or are taking classes in school. This usually leaves a lot more room for extracurricular activities and still a social life. Having too much on your plate means you forget about the important things: “you” time, eating, sleeping. You’re worrying about so many other things that you forget to sit down and breathe.

There is a saying, “If someone really cares or likes you, then they will make time for you”. This has a lot of meaning in it, but what if the person has a lot of priorities that make it hard to give their loved one time? Some students who are living on their own have more than just rent to pay. Or maybe you’re dating someone who has children and extra energy is fueled towards their kids. Being in an organization is definitely time-consuming because of meetings and events that take place each week to fill your membership requirements.

When you finally do get to see your busy bee, it helps to make the time together memorable and fun. Going out to dinner or staying in to cuddle on the couch and watch a movie. It is always the simple things that stick to our brain and create memories.

If you are the busy bee, setting up dates in advance is also a sure way of showing that you miss your loved. You may have a few surprises up your sleeve and this shows that you are thinking of your boo despite all the other junk going on in your life.

Remember, you have to first ask yourself if you can handle someone who has a completely different schedule other than your own. If they are using little time here and there to see you, it’s something that can be appreciated and noticed. It shows they made a sacrifice to put other things aside and give you undivided attention; even if it’s not every single day. But never forget to stop and smell the roses.

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