Moving Overseas For Love: Is It The Right Thing To Do?

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There are no boundaries to love, not even the ocean. And with the rise of international dating websites, many people are forming relationships with people overseas. Some are even falling in love while talking to one another online.

Long-distance relationships can work, but there has to be a time when the situation is taken to the next level. By this, we mean reducing that distance and taking the plunge to move abroad to be with that other person. For you, this might mean leaving your life behind to live in another country. Or it might mean the other person coming to live with you. But if it’s the former, you have to ask yourself some very important questions first.

What are the legal implications?

Unfortunately, there are loopholes you will need to jump through, including visa and resident permits. If you were planning to move to the USA, for example, you might need the K1 Fiance Visa if you were engaged to the person you were moving to be with. So, be ready to commit to research to learn more about the paperwork you would need to manage before moving. 

There are other legal implications too. In some countries, you wouldn’t be allowed to live together before getting married, such as in the Middle East, so this is something you would need to work out with your partner. And there are some countries where public displays of affection are forbidden, so declarations of love would have to be confined to the home. Love can overcome these obstacles, of course, but you will need to research the implications of your move abroad.

Is he worth it?

It can be easy to fall head over heels in love with somebody, but you need to let your head rule your heart before you move abroad. You would be leaving a lot behind, including your job, your family, and your friends. Therefore, you need to be absolutely certain that he is worth crossing the ocean for. 

It might be worth visiting for an extended vacation before packing up the entirety of your life to be with him. This way, you would get to spend actual face-to-face time with him, which would give you a far greater opportunity to get to know him away from the confines of a computer screen. After a few weeks, you might decide he isn’t the one for you, and while unfortunate, that’s better than finding out after ditching your job and family back home. On the other hand, you might still decide he’s the right person for you, in which case, consider the last question.

Is moving abroad something I would be comfortable with?

As we suggested, you would be giving up a lot if you decided to move abroad to be with your boo, and you would need to consider the repercussions. Would you be able to continue your career or would it have to end? Would you miss your family and friends? Would you struggle with the culture clash that may confront you in the new country? Could you handle the language barrier? Of course, with the support of your partner, you might be able to survive the move. The love you feel might override the obstacles you might have to deal with. On the other hand, you might decide moving abroad isn’t for you, in which case questions would need to be asked about the future of the relationship.

These are all important questions, and we hate having to make you ask them. But it’s only right that you consider the implications of your move, as you don’t want to move miles out of your country and comfort zone only to realize you have made a mistake. So, don’t let us put you off meeting the man of your dreams, but if you are using an international dating site, be mindful before jumping into a relationship. 

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