Kreesha Turner’s “I Could Stay”

Kreesha Turner is no stranger to the music scene. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, this R&B and pop singer has been making moves since 2008.

Her debut album, Passion, features the Canadian chart topper, “Don’t Call Me Baby,” which also made its way to American airwaves and to the number one spot of the U.S. Billboard Dance Chart in 2008.

Turner landed another chart topper on the U.S. Billboard Dance Chart for her collaboration with the Canadian alternative rock band Delirium. In 2010, they peaked the charts with their song “Dust In Gravity.”

In November 2011, Turner released her sophomore album, Tropic Electric, which features  “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” The music video that followed after was shot in Jamaica, her mother’s homeland.

The music video for “I Could Stay” was also shot in Jamaica, showing off the beautiful scenery of the island. Relax, unwind, and enjoy.


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