These Are The Biggest Jewelry Trends Right Now

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Jewelry trends are constantly changing. Here are some of the biggest trends right now when it comes to wearing jewelry.

Bespoke bling

Personalized jewelry has been popular for a while now. Whilst fewer people seem to be opting for engravings, there’s a rising interest in bespoke necklaces and rings. These give people the chance to craft something truly unique like a luxe butterfly necklace for example.

Bespoke engagement rings are particularly popular. If you’re looking for spectacular engagement rings for spectacular people, a bespoke service could allow you to choose everything from the shape to the diamond cut to the material. Such rings can even be cheaper than rings of the same quality that you may find in a high street jeweler.

Heavy hoops

Heavy hoops are back with a vengeance. Previously adorned by the likes of Sade and J-Lo, hoop earrings have seeing a comeback with modern stars such as Cardi B and the Kardashians flaunting even bigger hoops.

Oversized hoops aren’t particularly comfortable to wear and aren’t recommended as day-to-day jewelry, but if you’ve got a special event planned and you want to stand out, they’re certain to do the trick. There are even hoop earrings with pearl accents on the market for added flare.  

Mixing metals

Mixing metals was once viewed as a big no-no, but times have changed and now it’s in vogue. This offers a lot more freedom when it comes to pairing items of jewelry together.

Mixing metals works best by layering items such as wearing gold and silver necklaces together or wearing multiple bracelets made of different metals. You should try to wear a relatively plain outfit – mixing metals whilst also wearing multi-coloured, multi-textured clothing could make your whole appearance look too busy.

Lucky charms

Got lots of charms gathering dust in your jewelry box? You could be in luck – charms are fashionable once again.

As with mixing metals, people are now layering charms. This can offer a fun and creative approach to wearing jewelry. To avoid your outfit looking too busy, make sure to wear a relatively plain and neutral outfit so that your clothes don’t clash with the charms you’re wearing.

Charms also don’t have to be reserved to necklaces and bracelets. People are now attaching charms to bags and shoes as a way of jazzing them up. You can even wear charms in your hair by attaching them to a ribbon on a headband.

Multiple ear piercings

It’s not just lobes that women are getting pierced. Many women are now getting other parts of their ear pierced too including the helix, the conch, and the daith. In fact, it’s now trendy to have multiple ear piercings.

These piercings can be formed into creative constellations using different rings, studs and charms. Common examples include stars, pearl studs and mini padlocks.

When getting other parts of your ear pierced, expect it to be painful – the lobe is the least painful part of the ear because it’s relatively fleshy, but other parts of the conch are made up of hard cartilage.

Color co-ordination

Another popular modern jewelry trend is color co-ordination. Rather than settling for silver and gold, many women are now using earrings and necklace pendants to add pops of colour. These can be paired or contrasted with outfits.

Pairing up colors could include wearing green earrings with a green scarf. As for contrasting, you could wear an orange top with a blue necklace.

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