Is Your Company Using You?

No one likes to be used. Not in a relationship and especially not in the workplace.  So why let it happen? Agreeing to be an unpaid intern can already feel as if you’re setting yourself up to be taken advantage of, but it’s all about your attitude. Make it your number one priority to shine, take on every assignment with enthusiasm and most importantly, make sure your supervisor notices.  Good work is pointless if the big guy (or gal) has no idea you did it (that is, if you’re trying to get hired).

Here are some humorous scenarios and signs that a company is using you (pardon the sarcasm, but you get the point):


1. Lack of brain-cell usage.

If on your first day you’re sorting files or running to get someone a coffee and bagel, you’re being used.

2. “Hi, what’s your name?”

If its 3 months into your internship and your supervisor says good morning to you and asks if you’re new, then you’re being used.

If your supervisor tells you to come in at 10am every Monday through Wednesday then shows up at 12pm and says, “Oh, I forgot you were coming in today”, you’re being used.

3. No Money, Honey

If the person sitting next to you is doing less work than you, and he or she is getting PAID, you’re being used (and your doing his or her work).

4. “You want me to do what ?!” (repeats in head,”Anything to shine! Anything to shine!”)

If your supervisor asks you to come in on your day off to help rearrange the office space, you’re being used.

And last but not least (if this ever happens to you, reconsider if you want to work there or not):

5. Training who?

If your supervisor has you training a NEW employee, you’re being used.

Though these scenarios are unlikely to happen, being taken advantage of is very likely (especially if you’re an unpaid intern). It is your job not only to produce good work, but to show the company that you are an asset. Without a good attitude, your chances of being hired are slim. Remember to be polite, dress well and if there’s one thing you learned from this article … stay away from sarcasm.

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