Is It Time For Your Car’s Annual Maintenance Service?

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Do you want to save money by dodging the constant repairs on your vehicle and giving it an increased life? Then it is time for your car’s annual maintenance service. Just tick all the maintenance tips in your checklist to keep your family and yourself safe on the long drives.

Here is the checklist for the ultimate car maintenance service with a smoother and safer vehicle after every tick.

Regular Check-Ups and Maintenance Tips

These are the short-term check-ups for maintaining your vehicle on a regular basis

Engine Oil Check

It is important to check the engine oil levels every once in a while so that you don’t come across any engine problems while on a long road trip. Regular check-ups will help you stay updated on when the oil or the oil filter needs to be changed. It is advised that you get your oil filters checked and replaced by professional firms like Sunway Autoparts so that you can be assured of good quality.

If you don’t like to check your engine regularly, then you should use the best motor oil for minimum problems with your vehicle.

While on the oil check-up, make sure that you get your engine’s coolant levels also checked.

Tire Pressure  and Tire Tread Check

Maintaining tires is just as important as checking the engine oil regularly. This will ensure a safe and fuel-efficient drive. It is especially important to check the tire pressure before you use your vehicle for carrying heavy stuff or going on a long road trip. 

You can check the tire pressure yourself using a tire pressure gauge. 

You should also check the tire tread depth of your car regularly so that you know when it is time to change your tires. As soon as the tire tread depth drops from 6/32 to 2/32, get your tires replaced. 

Air Filter Check

The air filter of your car keeps the debris and dust out of your car’s engine to ensure the optimum flow of air to the engine. Regular checking and maintenance of the air filter can improve your fuel efficiency and increase the life of your car’s engine.

Brake lights, Headlights, and Parking Lights Check

It is easy to overlook the maintenance of the lights on your vehicle. But they need to function properly for your safety. 

After every month, you should turn on your headlights in a dark garage, facing a flat surface to check if they are working properly. Take a walk around your vehicle and examine your parking lights as well. Ask your friend to look at the brake lights while you keep the brakes down.

Tire Rotation

You need to rotate your tires once in a while to increase their life and efficiency. The tread patterns in the front and back or on the sides wear down based on your usage and car alignment. Rotating them will help keep a balance with the tread patterns.

Long-Term Check-ups and Maintenance Tips

These check-ups can be done after long periods of time.

Investigate Struts and Shocks

The struts and shocks need to be examined as your car moves over bumps on the road to ensure the proper functioning of your steering system. It is better that you render the services of a professional for this examination.

You should have the shocks and struts examined if the smoothness of your steering wheel decreases or you lose control while driving.

Transmission Fluid Check

The transmission fluid helps the moving transmission parts in your car function properly. You need to get your transmission fluid checked at least once in 2 years to prevent the huge cost of repairs or replacement of transmission parts. 

Coolant Fluid Change

The coolant system needs to be flushed regularly to keep the radiator cool and working. The coolant fluid exchange will help you discard the contaminants in your radiator. 

You should ask your car dealer or the manufacturer about when and how to change the coolant fluid. 

Spark Plug Check

The spark plugs ensure the proper functioning of your engine at optimum capacity. They give power to your engine by igniting the gas.

Ask a professional to check the spark plugs and see if they need to be replaced. If you see that your engine’s power has decreased, then get your spark plugs checked for any faults.

Seasonal Replacement and Check-Ups

Certain parts of your car need to be checked or replaced depending on the seasonal conditions. 

Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers have to be replaced at least once a year or when you see their effectiveness is decreased. 

You can get the winter wiper blades before the winter season for optimum functioning. To avoid ice build-up during winters, place the winter blades away from the windowpane.


If you live in a city where you experience heavy snowfall in writers, it is best to change your normal tires to snow tires before the winter season. The normal tires would wear out in cold temperatures which means that the brake distance will increase. 


The car’s battery is one of the most vital parts for your car to run smoothly. If you live in a city with extreme temperatures, then it is wise to have your battery checked every once in a while for better performance.

Coolant Level

You need to check the coolant levels in your radiator in winter to avoid freezing the engine parts. It is recommended that you get the 50/50 blend of antifreeze water.


Car maintenance is essential for keeping your car smooth and safe to drive. You can contact specialized companies for the best replacement parts for your car. 

Regular maintenance should happen on a schedule to stay updated on the efficiency of your car. Sticking to the schedule will keep you safe from the expensive repairs down the line.

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