We Are Super Excited About iONE Digital’s New Video Platform And You Should Be Too

In today’s digital market, the barrier to entry for creating content is low; there are more tools and platforms that make it easier for today’s creative to put their work on display. But on the flip side, this saturation of “content” can make it harder to find quality and authentic creations.

This is why we are super excited about iONE Digital’s newest video platform ‘A Space For Creators’, iONE Digital’s new premium video streaming for a growing cadre of young and talented content creators who are telling compelling stories from a fresh perspective.

To cultivate this community of talented creators of color, ‘A Space for Creators’ recently hosted Crafted with Purpose, an offline experience in New York to motivate budding storytellers that are breaking barriers and telling unconventional stories that are not often seen by mainstream audiences. The event, which kicks off a national tour for the digital platform, included a panel discussion that explored the role of storytellers in the representation of marginalized communities on film and a screening of webisodes that were directed by black women. Michelle Daniel, Toni Thai Sterrett and Dafina Roberts, three female content creators, spearheaded the panel discussion which was moderated by Queen Sugar’s Tina Lifford.

Photo via iONE Digital

“’A Space for Creators’ was built with the independent content creator in mind with an understanding of the new precedent that has been set by creators like Issa Rae, Donald Glover and Lena Waithe – storytellers who are pushing culture forward by having a seat at the table,” said Detavio Samuels, President of  iONE Digital and ONE Solution said in a previous press release about the digital platform. “This is our company’s first official foray into creating a video-first product offering and we are proud to empower content creators around the world.”

Photo via iONE Digital
Photo via iONE Digital
Photo via iONE Digital

With Instagram TV growing ever more popular and YouTube’s veteran positioning, one might ask how this platform is more advantageous for independent content creators? iONE Digital is not only just providing a space for stories to be told, but they are also helping to fund them. Work that is featured on the video platform actually provides content creators with another avenue to distribute and monetize their content. ‘A Space For Creators’ employs a unique distribution model that delivers CPMs that are five times the industry standard and an integrated YouTube partnership, which means more attractive revenue splits for the brand and the creators. Digital content from the platform will also receive cross-platform support to guarantee more views from iONE Digital’s large media audience.

As a media brand that is all about empowering women of color financially, we can’t deny the advantageous opportunities that could emerge from joining iONE Digital’s premium video platform. We understand how hard it can be to get started in film and content creation; there are a multitude of little costs that add up when one is trying to create a short film and that includes everything from camera equipment to video editing. But one of our number one rules for BAUCE women is to make sure you multiply your streams of income — and in this case, multiply your streams of distribution. Another plus to joining the platform is the undeniable marketing power you can get from being a part of a massive urban media brand. iONE Digital currently has a collective reach of 25 million monthly digital consumers and its family extends beyond the internet. As a subsidiary under Urban One, Inc. they are also connected to TV One, a television network that reaches over 56 million households, and Radio One which operates stations in 15 major urban markets. With that type of brand power behind you as a creator, you can ultimately reach a larger audience and increase your opportunities for that big break to happen.

To learn more about ‘A Space For Creators’ and the opportunities that have emerged for women creators on their platform, please watch this video of the kickoff of their tour below!

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