Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Google’s G Suite Apps

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Google’s G Suite has proven popular with businesses, with well past three million now using these tools. Previously called ‘Google Apps for Work’, G Suite has done a great deal over the last few years to increase its appeal to enterprise customers, adding new features and enhancing its productivity and collaboration tools.

Google’s G Suite apps are used by both businesses and individuals. Individuals who want access to office software for personal use can use G Suite apps for free. For example, if you wanted to create a text document, you can do so by simply visiting Businesses can pay for G Suite in order to gain access to more collaborative and development tools, including a coding environment.

The following tips can help any user to get the most out of G Suite, and specific apps within it.

View the Edit History of a Google Doc

G Suite makes collaborating on documents a breeze. When you collaborate on a document, you and the other users can edit, add notes and comments, make suggestions, and even chat with one another in real time. By using the ‘Activity’ feature, you can look at the history of a document and see who has accessed it and when.

This doesn’t just apply to text documents either; you can also do the same with Sheets and Slides. This is useful if you are overseeing a collaborative project and want to ensure that everyone is pulling their weight.

Merge and Share Contacts Using PieSync

G Suite offers users the ability to delegate contacts to members of their team, but this is not true contact sharing. The contacts will only have the appearance of having been shared; they will not auto-complete fields on your emails and are still only stored on the original account. You can share contacts between Google accounts using the tool created by PieSync. PieSync can be used to sync contacts between person and business Gmail accounts. Its intelligent syncing is designed to prevent any entries from becoming mixed up. It is also useful for sharing contacts with other Google users, and it actually shares them, unlike when you delegate them.

Gain Insight from the Work Insights Dashboard

The Work Insights dashboard enables users to better manage their workflows by providing them with data about how apps are being used. This is very useful for gaining an idea of how your business is using all the available apps. This will provide you with valuable insight into how efficiently your teams are collaborating and will allow you to finely target any inefficiencies.

It is always a good idea to gather data about the successes and failures of your collaborative project, as a tool for future improvement. GSuite makes this automatic and makes it easy to review and analyze the data.

Google’s GSuite provides businesses with an affordable yet powerful set of office tools. These tools include a whole host of features that enable you to identify weak points in your collaborative processes and streamline them for the future. Because GSuite is entirely cloud-based, it can easily be accessed by any user and doesn’t need to be kept updated.

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