7 Must-Read Tips For Starting A Successful Moving Company


People are always moving – why not cash in?

A moving company is a good business to start because of it’s sustainability. Most people change jobs frequently and when they do, they require the services of professional movers to help them relocate. There are also a couple of moves due to personal reasons. Businesses also do move as they expand and find new markets. Therefore, the demand for moving services is one that never dies. If you are thinking about starting a moving company, below are some key tips to get you started.

Learn How the Business Works

Don’t start the business before you learn the basics. Take time to know exactly what professional movers do and how they make money. Know how to set prices so that you can make a good profit without losing business.

Choose the Right Truck

Also, you need to know the right equipment to buy. The key equipment that you need to start your moving business is a truck that can haul or tow a trailer. It can be difficult to find the right information but you can research trucks like the ones at New Way Leasing Service Areas and their exact specifications online which is ideal when considering your options.  Some other equipment you may require include furniture belts, ropes, moving boxes and moving dollies.

Make a Plan

Every successful business starts with a good business plan. Start by describing your business briefly, the nature of services you intend to offer, your target customers, people who will run the business, how you intend to run the company, the marketing strategies you will use, your competitors, start-up costs, expected running expenses, expected profits and risks among others. Writing a detailed plan will give you a better understanding of the business you intend to open. 

Complete the Business Registration Basics

You will need to register a business and get a license or permits for operating a moving company. When registering your company, choose a good name – one that will represent your brand well. As you register your business, familiarize yourself with legal obligations you will be expected to meet such as proper record keeping and paying taxes.

Set Aside the Money You Need

After making your plan, you will be in a position to tell how much money you need to open the business. If you are drawing the money from your savings, set the cash aside in a different account so that you don’t end up spending money intended for other projects. Where you have a shortage, make a plan to get a loan from the bank or other lending bodies. At this stage, don’t forget to open a business account for your moving company. Once you have your finances ready, you can proceed to buy the equipment you need.

Don’t Forget Insurance

You have a vehicle, you will be handling other people’s property, and you may hire some staff to help you out. Get insurance that will cover any injury, damage or loss that may occur while you are at work.

Market Continually

For a steady flow of customers, market your business continuously and offer exceptional services. Start by creating a website and setting up social media pages and business listings and outlining the services you offer and the areas you cover.

To make your business more unique and profitable, try adding other services such as storage and garbage removal.

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