How To Manage Your Depression As A Momprenuer

Two of the hardest jobs in the world are motherhood and entrepreneurship. When you’re a mompreneur, you’re both.

Two of the hardest jobs in the world are motherhood and entrepreneurship. When you’re a mompreneur, you’re both. This means when you’re suffering from depression, you have a lot more to balance than just one or the other. But fear not! You’ve already proved that you’re a cut above the rest.

In this article, we’re going to give you tactical ways to handle depression as a mom and entrepreneur.

Hug your children

Hugs can relieve stress and depression. A hug can help you remember that you’re not alone in this world. When we give or receive a hug our bodies release oxytocin, often referred to as the bonding chemical. Who better to receive a hug from than your children? Not only will this help you decompress, but it will also be another token of bonding between you and your child.

Talk a walk around the block

There is no denying the connection between mental health and physical health. Something as simple as taking a quick walk around the block can help you reset. Taking walk gives you the opportunity to separate yourself from emotional triggers and from your current situation. even if it doesn’t solve your depression it’s a healthy way to cope with an otherwise trying mental illness.

Don’t sacrifice self-care

When you’re a business owner you tend to put the needs of others first.  when your mom, you tend to have to put the needs of others first but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice self-care. You may never be able to skip out on work and just get a smoothie with the girls, but you can schedule time on Sundays (or whatever day you have off) to do the things you truly enjoy. Men’s support group (or any support group that you feel comfortable with) can help if you are dealing with depression or a lack of self-care. 

Use grounding techniques to pull yourself away from negative emotions

Grounding techniques help bring you back to reality when your depression is trying to separate you. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with depression symptoms, grounding techniques can help you calm down quickly.

A grounding technique is anything you do that brings your focus to what is happening right here, right now. Many like to utilize the 5-4-3-2-1 method. This method is the process of activating your five senses to become more in-tune with your body. By identifying things you can see, things you can feel, things you can hear, things you can smell, and things you can taste you will become aware of your environment. If your depression comes coupled with anxiety you may find that a simpler grounding technique like holding a familiar object is more comforting.

Ask for help

When you need to talk to someone, do it! Don’t tell yourself that you should handle your depression on your own. No one can handle depression on their own. When you’re suffering from depression, you need a strong support system to consistently use healthy coping mechanisms. Turn to friends, family members, or support groups so you can talk openly and honestly with. If the budget allows, hire more employees to take on some of the extra work that’s filling your plate.

Depression has a tendency to make a sufferer feel alone. By reaching out to people that understand how you feel, you will once again reaffirm to yourself that you are not alone in this struggle.

… and get professional help if you need it

There is no shame in seeking professional help. If you’re struggling to manage your symptoms and the pressure of parenthood, the best thing you can do for you your business and your children as seek the support of a therapist or counselor.

Create an emotional crisis plan

As a mompreneur, you probably have a lot of plans in place already. A plan for picking the kids up at school. A plan for managing your employees’ss vacation days. Why not have a plan for dealing with an emotional crisis?

When your symptoms are level, sit down with your spouse or therapist and create an emotional crisis plan. Answer questions like: Who can I trust to watch the children? Who can be a backup for school pickups? Having a plan in place will help you feel more in control of your environment and believe it or not, help you manage your emotions.

Give the best ‘you’ time to your kids

When you are in a good mood, share that with your children. If possible, leave the office early and spend time with your children. As depression can dampen your ability to be a ‘happy go lucky’ parent, making sure your children get the best of you can go a long way.

Even if it seems impossible right now, better days are ahead. You’ll get to them quicker by believing in your healing journey. Mental illness is just as serious as physical illness and you need to treat it that way. Stay committed to your treatment. You will be happy you did.

Are you a mompreneur suffering from depression? What keeps you going? Share your story in the comments.

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