How To Keep Tabs On Your Health When Your Life Is Super Hectic

Could there be symptoms that you can’t explain? Here’s how to spot things early.

When it comes to our health it is so important for us to keep an eye on things. It is essential that we spot warning signs, that we are aware of our bodies and what we would see as normal and perhaps what isn’t necessarily right. However, with hectic schedules with college, work or life in general, we can often forget to pay attention. But doing this may mean that we have further problems down the road. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the things to look out for when it comes to your health.

Keeping an eye on your mental health

I admit that our mental health is probably not one of those things you notice straight away. After all, your thoughts are your thoughts, and unless you are really aware of the mentality, you can just get on with things. But it could be a big downward spiral if you are not careful. So when it comes to your mental health, here are some of the things to think about.

Your mindset

Your mindset is a big indicator of your mental health. Paying close attention to your thoughts can help you to identify whether you have a positive mindset or a negative one. A negative mindset is something that can be detrimental, and it can often lead on to other things such as depression and anxiety. If you are hoping to change things, then the best advice is to change the habits of how you are thinking. Turning negative thoughts into positive ones.

Your emotions

Maybe you are being a little more emotional than perhaps you would be normally. Perhaps crying at the slightest things, or maybe finding that you have a shorter fuse than normal. We can all struggle with our emotions and it has much to do with the hormone levels in our bodies. This is when a simple blood test will be able to highlight if there any raises or reductions in our hormone levels. We may end up being effected in other ways such as significant weight gain or loss, for example.

Stress levels

Are you finding that your stress levels seem to be rising at the moment? Stress can cause major problems to our health. It can cause problems with our blood pressure, out mindset and how we feel, and can also have much to do with depression and anxiety. Often stress is brought on by physical factors, so it may be worth spending some time on trying to figure out what is causing you to feel this way.

Keeping an eye on your physical health

You may also ignore some of the arming signs and symptoms that our physical health could be struggling. It is always going to be important for us to keep an eye on our physical health and here are some of the things to look out for.

Bladder problems

Are you finding that you are needing to go the bathroom more often than normal? Does it hurt or is it just the frequency that you have noticed? It may feel like an embarrassing subject to discuss with your doctor, but bladder problems can be quite common but they can also cause you some noob health problems. This is when seeing a urologist could help. It might be as simple to cure as a water infection, or it could be that you have an overactive bladder. Once you highlight there is an issue it is easy to get the resolution that you need.

Gynecology and genitalia concerns

Other embarrassing topics when it comes to your health can be things like gynecology and genitalia concerns that you may have. For women, it might be that you notice issues with your periods, or trying to conceive and finding that you just can’t get pregnant, this is when some investigation will begin to take place and could highlight issues with the womb or ovaries. For men, it could be that you find a lump in the genital area, or have concerns in other ways. Talking about it is part of the problem, but once you do, you can get the treatment you need.

Symptoms you can’t explain

Could there be symptoms that you can’t explain? Headaches that are consistent and painful. Lumps somewhere they shouldn’t be maybe? Maybe Stomach or digestive problems? If you have any concern for your health then you do need to take the action and try and get these things checked out. In some cases, the symptoms might be the cause of nothing at all. But it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Physical issues

Maybe you are struggling with some physical issues that you might want to get checked out or some treatment for. These can often be the symptoms that you live with and tend to see them as the norm, even if they aren’t that normal at all. Often we can put up with things and doing that can then mean that you make an issue worse.

Back pain

We often associate things like back pain with getting old. But it can also be a problem that you face at any age. It might be that you have pulled a muscle moving something, playing sports or maybe you were involved in an accident at work in a motor vehicle. Whatever has happened your back pain could be causing you discomfort and affecting your quality of life. Seeing a chiropractor could actually help improve things. Back pain is definitely something that shouldn’t be put up with.


Finally, headaches are something that we can also put up with from time to time. We may put it down to not keeping ourselves hydrated, or you may just be prone to things like a migraine. But consistent headaches can also be the sign of an underlying issue to your brain. In some rare cases, there could even be a tumor that has gone unnoticed. If you have concerns, express them to your doctors and investigate if anything to rule out anything more serious.

I hope that this has highlighted the importance of keeping tabs on your health.



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