How To Get Comfortable With Uncertainty

How to get comfortable with uncertainty

No one really knows what this year is to bring. After talking with friends, we’ve all agreed that this year feels something like 2020.5. But none of that is necessarily a bad thing. The good thing about something beginning, that something eventually has to end. In the meantime, many of us are sitting with a lot of uncertainty about what the year has in store. And that’s okay.

Another good thing? We have the power to embrace uncertainty with open arms – a change of mindset or perspective is key. My best friend says always says “you don’t know what you don’t know” I like to think there’s a bit of bliss in the midst of that ignorance (sometimes). Here are a few things you can do to embrace the unknown and still thrive!

Give Yourself Grace

WE ARE IN A PANDEMIC. Surviving these unprecedented times feels like a full-time job. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be uncertain. Whatever you are feeling is okay. Understand that you are a human being going through a very uncertain, difficult, and life-changing time. We have to accept the nature of what’s going on but also realize you deserve compassion, you deserve time to process, you deserve the space to feel and do whatever you need to be most at ease. It might help to write out a few affirmations! A great one to start with? I AM GIVING MYSELF GRACE.

State Your Needs

Take some time to answer this, “what do I need?” Whether it be something new to make your space comfier, or help to pay rent for this month. Shout your needs from the mountain top! Say them out loud, write them down, share them with your community. Getting your needs met during this time is very important, although sometimes easier said than done. But if no one knows what you need, no one will be able to help you. Even if it feels far-fetched and impossible, ask anyway. The universe is always listening.

Focus on What Is

What’s happening right at this moment? Maybe you’re like me, sitting at home with 3 different snacks in your hand, watching the latest Netflix release, and scrolling down your Twitter timeline for the 50th time today. Great! Life is going to be what it is regardless of how we feel about it. It sucks, it really does. But this is a time to acknowledge that we do control our thoughts and reactions to what’s happening around us. Many things are happening and existing at one time. We are in a pandemic, sure, but what else? Maybe you just started a new job, exciting! Maybe you have more time to rest! Maybe you had your first really great day in a long time this week, so happy for you! Acknowledge the good and celebrate the small wins!

Use Grounding Tools

Grounding tools are perfect for redirecting feelings of uncertainty, anxiousness and anything else that doesn’t feel so great in your body. I encourage you to create a list of things you can do when you are feeling overwhelmed. What feels good to you? How do you normally clear your mind? Meditation, prayer, journaling, moving your body, breathwork, taking a nap, watching tv for another 3 hours…these are all excellent ways to ground yourself. Whatever works, do it, and do it often!

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