What To Do If You Have Crooked Teeth And You Want Them Fixed

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Crooked teeth are a natural part of life. Nature just does what it does. 

Does it mean you’re a terrible person? No. 

Does it make a difference to your long-term happiness? Probably not. 

Is it something you can correct? Yes. 

The world of family & cosmetic dentistry is changing. In the past, the only people who got adult braces were celebrities that wanted to look perfect on stage. 

But in today’s world, it’s become way more mainstream. Everyone is doing it. 

There are several reasons for this. The first is the price. It’s much cheaper for the average person to get braces now than it ever was in the past. There’s so much disposable income that a year of saving up will usually do the trick. 

The second reason comes down to the number of options available. While some people get metal wire braces to straighten out their teeth, there are plenty of less conspicuous options available. Enamel-colored braces, for instance, are now big business. And so too is Invisalign, which is essentially just a series of clear retainers that slowly shift the teeth into their new position.

There’s also the fact that it’s becoming the accepted norm. Getting your teeth fixed is no different from getting your hair done. Even orthodontists are changing their tune. At one point, they insisted that only teenagers should have braces. Everyone else should just put up with crooked teeth. But now the industry is changing and professional mindsets are moving with the tide. 

Why Correct Crooked Teeth? 

We believe that people correct crooked teeth for purely aesthetic purposes. But there are actually medical reasons for doing so. 

When teeth are crooked, it opens up opportunities for bacteria to thrive. Teeth overlapping one another makes it hard to get the bristles into every nook and cranny. So germs tend to thrive, breaking down both the enamel and the gum. 

This process doesn’t usually result in immediate tooth loss. But as the years and decades pass by, slowly but surely teeth rot and start falling out. 

What To Do If You Need To Correct Crooked Teeth? 

The first thing to ask yourself is whether you feel it’s necessary. You might think that you have crooked teeth, but from a dentists’ perspective, they could be perfectly fine. 

The next step is to figure out which treatment you want. Metal braces tend to work quickly and can correct severe misalignment, but you might not want them to be so visible. 

Invisalign uses clear retainers and is discreet, but it can take a long time and can’t correct severely crooked teeth. 

You might also want to think about getting lingual braces. These are similar to regular metal braces, except they fit on the inside of your teeth, pulling towards the tongue. 

Once you choose a brace, you can usually correct crookedness within six to eighteen months. It can feel like a slow process, but it’s totally worth it. At the end of it, you’ll have straight teeth and can protect yourself against cavities in the future.

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