How To Be Frugal (But Fabulous!) AF

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How’s that six-dollar cup of iced coffee you convinced yourself that you just had to have? Everything you needed, right? What if we told you there was a way to save about half of what you spent and still savor the taste of that caramel macchiato creaminess? Would you be worried about taking the brand off the cup or off your debit card transactions? 

Oftentimes, we live out our busy schedules, booked out work weeks, and brunch dates with our girlfriends believing that we can’t live the BAUCE lifestyle without emptying out our tote bags. Well, guess what? We can have the best of both worlds with just a little planning, practice, and penny-pinching. 

Be the BAUCE with the Plan

 We know that the last thing you want to hear in the morning before rushing out to make a morning meeting is to have your breakfast and coffee already prepped and ready to go, but a lot of the times we spend money because we feel as if we’re too busy to do things ourselves. Making it rain for a Starbucks coffee and breakfast sandwich is unnecessary when we can do it all on our own the night before. By doing this, we save our coin and can still upload a picture of an aesthetically pleasing breakfast for the Insta-feed to see. But, the planning doesn’t stop there– activities such as meal prepping, grocery lists, and budgeting help when we know exactly what we want and need without overspending just to regret it later. We know you’ve heard the motto: proper planning prevents poor pockets.

Practice living a BAUCE lifestyle with a Budget  

What is planning without execution? Take your new-found knowledge and your financial planner with you from here on out. The next time you’re out for a girl’s night, pay attention to different restaurant deals, happy hour promotions, or use apps like Groupon to find discounts. When you’re out looking for new pieces to spice up your wardrobe,  shopping off-season for the months to come or start in the back of the store and work your way up front. That way you run into the sales and don’t have to tug on your heartstrings on whether to put something back!

Preparing on grocery shopping for the month ahead? Try your best to skip name brands and just get what you need. Nine times out of ten, the product quality is the same—the look of the packaging just caught your eye first. Living on a budget isn’t the worst thing in the world, especially when you’re creative. Always remember to never feel ashamed for saving your coins!

Pinch your Pennies like a BAUCE

 Holding on to your last dollar isn’t a crime, so why do we feel so obligated to do the opposite?  Saving a little bit every month allows you to have the lifestyle you want without going into debt. Creating healthy habits like contributing to a coin jar or using cash-back apps are easy ways to save money! Saving money can also come with making a little cash on your own.  Hoarding some clothes you don’t wear in hopes that you’ll need them for that perfect moment? Sell them–it’s a good way to gain back the money you’ve spent.

Show some dedication in penny-pinching and planning by creating space in your budget for savings each month. When there’s a choice between saving and spending, always ask yourself if it’s necessary before whipping out your money. While learning how to become frugal may feel like some elementary lesson that we want to skip over, it’s important. Rather than making it something painful, label it as a commitment that takes hard-work, hustle, and heart from a bauce like you. 

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