How To Attract More Powerful BAUCE Women Into Your Life

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It wasn’t until I began this journey of spiritual and personal development did I begin to attract meaningful and valuable BAUCE women into my life

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The law of attraction states that “you attract what you are.” I know this quote to be true because growing up I was broken, hurt, suffered from an inferiority complex, felt I never belonged, was unsure of my worth and as a result, I attracted such people into my life. Why did I find it hard to get and keep good, solid friendships in my life? Why did I struggle with forming good relationships?; because I was the opposite of what ‘good’ was. Years later, I’ve come to realize the reason I attracted such meaningless friendships into my life was that I wasn’t living a meaningful life. I was hurt. I was broken and so I kept on time after time to attract such people into my life. I was hurt, so I hurt people and people hurt me.

#1: You attract what you are. Who are you? Are you a BAUCE?

It wasn’t until I began this journey of spiritual and personal development did I begin to attract meaningful and valuable BAUCE women into my life. I was able to attract friends who really loved and cared for me, friends who were concerned about growth in all areas of my life, friends who would pray for me, BAUCE women who could step in financially for me if they had too. How was I able to attract such? The work had to start inside. I had to work on me. I had to heal. I had to confront my issues. I had to deal with my demons. I had to own up to mistakes. I had to deal with me. That is the first way to attract BAUCE women into your life. Heal first. Work on you first. And when you begin to grow, people will begin to draw to you. The self-awareness you have, the confidence you have, the self-worth you are aware of will draw the right people into your life. When you heal and become whole, you attract women who are whole. You can’t help it. It’s written all over you.

You just have to be yourself and the growth speaks for itself. You may be at college, in your 9-5, at a women’s conference or at the grocery store, with a conversation or two, a BAUCE woman can tell another BAUCE woman. Her mindset is different. She is a woman of vision. She is an optimist. She knows what she wants and she goes for it. She’s secure in herself and needs no status to define her. You can’t hide or pretend to have these things. They glow. And so the key is doing the work on the inside and that growth and wholeness will begin to manifest on the outside for the world to see.

#2: Be yourself.

BAUCE women are attracted to women who are themselves. They are who they say they are . They stand for what they believe. They are happy and secure in themselves. They don’t need to follow the trends or do what so and so is doing. By virtue of you being you, by virtue of you being the truest and fullest expression of yourself, people are drawn to that. Why? There are so many ‘copies’ around. You have so many people putting on facades today. A BAUCE woman wants a genuine and open friendship and so by being yourself, by being who you are with the mindset of ‘I am who I am, take it or leave it’, you attract such solid friendships into your life.

#3: Step outside your comfort zone.

Now you’ve done all the inner healing and your growth is glowing, you have to be willing to put yourself out there. And nowadays, it is much easier with social media. You being a BAUCE woman can recognize another BAUCE woman on social media. Or if you are not into virtual networking, attend conferences of women you admire in your industry, attend their events and guess what? You will get to meet other BAUCE women you never knew existed. There are BAUCE women out there looking for genuine and solid friendships.

Some BAUCE woman out there is looking for you, for the value and worth you have to offer. So, don’t play yourself, get out there and meet people. Social media is the easiest way to start and from this virtual interaction, you can eventually get to meet in person. You see another woman killing it in your field or industry or just has a lifestyle you admire, reach out to her. Introduce yourself. Support her work. Attend her events if she has any. Do a collaboration. This is how friendships are built with time and trust; you showing up time and time again, being there through thick and thin and proving yourself as a friend.

In a world where women are seen to compete with one another and sometimes pull each other down, there are genuine and solid connections still out there. You have to be one to attract one. Do you have the qualities you want in a good friendship?  Are you a BAUCE woman? You need to be one to attract such.

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