How To Accurately Use Social Media As A Professional Networking Tool

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There are three things that the pandemic has canceled that I really appreciate: gyms, block parties, and networking events. I have a gym membership that I was tired of paying for and pretending like I was going to go “tomorrow”. The parking in my neighborhood is already terrible, so hosting block parties on this street makes me want to go full “Karen” on these people, but I contain myself. Then we have good old networking events. They give me the sweats, and I don’t like large crowds or small talk. However, I can’t ignore how valuable they can be to one’s career which is why I started using social media to connect. Being behind a screen removes a certain level of pressure, it’s probably what gives internet trolls the power to do their dirty work.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to network. It’s a space to have fun and connect with people from all over the world, not just those in your immediate network. If you’d like to create a social media business account, go for it! The reason we network is to build trust and relationships, and with social gatherings being an ultimate no-no, using social media to network will be the new norm. Here are three helpful tips to get you started!

Show Love

Who doesn’t appreciate a nice comment, a new follower perhaps? If you see something you like, say something! Don’t be afraid to be a kind stranger. Interact with them and their content by commenting and/or liking photos. You can also send them a friendly message! This is not the time to ask someone to do something for you, but a time to be a friendly face and to experience a genuine interaction! Also, be sure to respect the boundaries of others. Check their bio for any profile guidelines they may have set for themselves. For example, no business inquires in the DMS; email only

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A great way to build a relationship with someone is by supporting their craft. You can share their posts to your page, send it to friends, or purchase one of their products and leave a nice review! People remember the nice things that you do for them, and that energy is sent right back to you. We all love feeling supported so it’s important to spread that goodness all around!


Receiving new subscribers to my site always makes me feel special, and I’m sure others would agree! If you are looking to form a relationship with someone, this is a great way to stay informed on any news or updates that a person may have!

By doing these things, you’ll widen your network and your reach. Many opportunities today are about who you know, so it doesn’t hurt to get to know new people! Another great thing you can do is trade services. I wanted a personal trainer and found someone who was in need of a photographer, so I gave her a free photoshoot and she gave me free sessions. Mutually beneficial relationships and collaborations are golden!

The best part is the actual connections you form that go beyond a business aspect. I actually have friends that I’ve met through social media! We comment on each other’s photos, exchange laughs through texts/DMs, and gas each other up on a daily basis! Social media can be really good for the soul and your career! If you’re going to be spending hours staring at your phone, you might as well use it for something other than to distract you. And let’s be honest, if you’re single, it can also be used as a dating app! wink wink

Be kind, be genuine, and remember to have fun! Happy scrolling!

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