How This Publicist Fuelled A Six Figure Agency During The Pandemic

Brittany Mobley

Starting a business on its own is tough. Add a pandemic and things become even more complicated. Well superwoman, now supermom Brittany Mobley, did just that. Although she launched her PR agency- Culturit in 2016, it wasn’t until during the pandemic that Brittany was able to grow her agency to six figures. Despite the fact that the pandemic has brought a lot of financial uncertainty to many and forced businesses to switch, pivot or quit, it is safe to say there were still a good number of people who thrived during this period.

So how was Brittany able to grow her agency to six figures during the pandemic all while securing her Masters degree and being a first time mom? She states: “This has of course been a year of really trying to figure out how to implement methods and going into it blindly. With COVID in the way, I definitely needed to find ways to pivot and restructure. A lot of it was strategy and then implementing those new strategies. Prior to the pandemic, I was signed on to a contract to assist with a communications campaign that kept things running consistently – however, I’d been able to add two prominent creative assets to my business. One was web design packages and small business public relations services. With those two benefits assisting with my growth, I was able to expand on additional support and services to those clients and ultimately building lasting relationships and credible strategies.”

Nonetheless, it is important to acknowledge that this journey wasn’t always easy for Brittany. There are legitimate reasons for one to be fearful about the risks associated with growing a business during this period. However for Brittany, she found her WHY. She affirms: “A lot of it for me was knowing that I had an infant on my hands during the time, while also being a first-time mom. With those two very huge tasks on my hands, I felt like I had expectations to meet. I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I was able to do it with a crap ton of prayer, guidance from the Lord and just being able to implement learned elements from practicing public relations and design for the past 8 years. Some of the risks were definitely geared toward not letting my business fail by not trying new things and also being afraid to fail if that makes sense. I’ve never seen myself as a failure or even giving up for that matter, so every decision I made was for the better ultimately.”

Moreover, like the famous quote says “it takes a village.” And this couldn’t have been more true for Brittany. She acknowledges the support system she had during this period: “I am grateful for my mentors and coaches. I decided to invest in a public relations agency course with Jeneration PR, while also investing in several bundle packages with The Bundle Co., and with both, it taught me so much. I was able to understand how things work in a COVID environment and how to plan to pivot. There were a ton of lessons and a slew of information documents that guided a lot of the way I did things while navigating a small business. My mindset was truly focused on what I could possibly do to get rid of any negative doubt and I did just that with the help of those two programs.”

Like every successful business woman can attest too, there are strategies that are needed to ensure a successful launch of a business. She shares some of the tools that helped her: “I can say that 2020 was for sure a relaunch as I was graduating with my master’s degree in public relations and then implementing learned techniques truly helped me align my purpose and path. Some of the things I put into place were online courses with influencers and thought leaders in the public relations industry, a financial plan in the event that things fell through, and investing in my business to be able to have access to unlimited resources that would not only benefit myself but also my clients.”

And if you have ever doubted whether women can do it all, Brittany’s story is proof that it is possible. She believes that women are doing and having it all without even knowing. But she does acknowledge again the support system she has around her: “Thank God for my amazing support system. My grandmas are for sure my number one. They have both always supported me…ALWAYS, even before becoming a mom. Additionally, I had support from my son’s aunt and also his grandmother. I would pack us up for the day and we would stay over to my grandmothers for a few days out of the week just so I could spend time working and solidifying everything. I know everyone doesn’t have that kind of support, but there are for sure options. I choose nap time to finally hop into some essential work during the day whenever we don’t make it to grandma’s, or I make the sacrifice and knock out the rest of the work I need to get done at bedtime for the baby. It’s all about creating a schedule that will allow you to complete your to-do list at the best pace you can. Never be too hard on yourself! You will get through this!”

Brittany also shares some advice for new moms looking to launch their businesses in the current climate : “Despite the pandemic where most of us are sort of afraid to send our babies to daycare, before starting your business, prepare time to work and time to “mom”. I say this because I would find myself focusing so much on being a mom, I started to slack so much when it came to working and it took money off our table. If you’re able to solidify a schedule between nap and bedtime or including family or child care for a few hours out of the day, go for it! Get your LLC in your state, get your EIN number from the IRS website, plans out your signature offers and what separates you from your competition and then go for it. Continue to create a schedule where you invest 1-2 hours on social media detailing your brand and then spend the rest with family If you can. It’s truly about being strategic with your time. It can be done but pre-planning before you launch your business.”

And to the women who have launched their businesses but are struggling with scaling, she states: “Consistency is EVERYTHING, but prayer is also super important. Consistency with understanding your brand, your ideal clients, your method, your messaging and your execution. Try creating three things that you’re good at that you can offer your clients and keep going until you’re consistently booked and busy. If those three don’t work, try a different method, or a different offer. It’s all truly trial and error. Don’t stop, because when you stop, you’re leaving money on the table and that’s just not the goal.”

In addition, it is worthwhile to acknowledge that it is harder nowadays to stand out in saturated or increasingly saturated spaces. Brittany shares this sentiment but strongly affirms: “Be yourself and share a crap ton of content. I’ve learned over time that people want to see you and who you are. As everyone says, “people buy people, because of their product,” or is that just me? Haha! But,  network like crazy! Use Clubhouse, LinkedIn, Twitter, ask to speak on panels, become a thought leader in your space, and don’t give up. Consistency is truly key.” 

To connect with Brittany, follow her on social @culturitpr. Additionally, for more details on her PR agency, visit her website at www.culturitpr.com

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