How College Plays A Powerful Role In Achieving The American Dream

College and the American dream

Since the beginning of time, Americans have lived searching for new opportunities and a huge success – The American Dream.

However, to understand the term the American Dream, firstly, you need to be able to define it. In some particular free essays on American dream, a student said: “The phrase American Dream can affect a better life with a lot of money and well-being, and it means a life of respect, freedom and good relationship with other people.”  Although while reading some of the essays found on we concluded that everyone has a different point of view on the meaning of the American Dream. But they all agree that Education is the key to achieving the American Dream, and balancing the way that we look at it will help ensure that more children will graduate from college and have the will to educate themselves for the rest of their lives.

Over the time our education system has improved, but we still have a lot to go before everyone can achieve the American Dream. There are many American education system flaws. There is still a significant achievement gap between minority students and white students in America, and that number has barely been narrowed over many years. But those students also deserve equal opportunities to be able to succeed in our nation. Also, another flaw is the lack of respect for the teachers and the teaching profession.

Even though our teachers are the ones who provide us with all the knowledge, the students are still not interested in becoming educators. And that can be due to the lack of knowledge in our own culture. Many free essays on American culture written by some students state that proper Education and the American dream are linked together. And that American culture often implies great career and education as a path to achieving the American Dream. However, compared to the other countries, the American teachers work longer hours, get smaller paychecks, and aren’t held in as high esteem. So that needs to be changed or at least appreciated more. So, we can attract more students to teaching. That is the only way that our education system can prosper.

This is a big issue, and it needs to be addressed. And there are many ways in which we can do that. Of course, spending more money on schools and universities can support the case, but that is not the only way to a better system. We need to provide an individualized approach towards learning, and the expectations should be set higher because that will allow the same opportunity for success to every student at the same time. Raising the bar for students can be done by giving them harder classes, creating a cooperative environment that will motivate them to learn, and allowing them to present their skills.

However, the bar for the teachers also needs to be raised, which can be more complex. But it is a much-needed change. Teachers also need to be encouraged to become leaders. That may require some teacher education that will help them become researchers and innovators in Education.

The American Dream is the belief that anyone and everyone can attain their own vision of success, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into. Success in society is possible for everyone. Some may see the American dream as the opportunity to graduate from college, get the job in the field that they want, or be able to pay for health and care costs and meanwhile live a comfortable life, but it all comes around the key of the American dream which is the Education.

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