Get Stellar Arms Like Michelle Obama

obamaHate that extra fat swinging under your arms? If you can pinch an inch of it, then you might be a member of the flabby arm club. There are two things that cause this to happen: being overweight and being un-toned. Carrying around extra weight means that you’ve developed fat in places that it usually wouldn’t be. Also, slim people can also suffer from having flabby arms when fat pockets build up in areas that are un-toned, such as biceps. This is why both weight loss (getting lean) and strength training are vital to toning your body. The muscles exist, but when they go unworked, fat builds up over them, giving you that pudgy look that you detest.

As women, we have a fear of bulking up or looking to masculine. This prevents many women from achieving the tight toned bodies that they desire. In order to break this habit and get lean and firm, we’ve put together – arm toning exercises you should do repeatedly to tone your arms in six weeks. Do these exercises 3 times a week! You never want to work out any muscle on your body everyday or you’ll suffer from fatigue. Use 5 to 8 lb dumbbells to achieve full results.

Here’s to rocking stellar arms like Lady O!

Chest Press

Sit on a ball to balance your wait and walk your legs out so that both your head and shoulder blades are resting against the ball. Then, lift up your hips and contract your ab muscles. This will keep you from falling off the ball. Hold your weights shoulder width apart and push upward. Do 25-30 reps.

Arm Curls

Curl your arms upwards as you hold weights with your palms facing forward to work your biceps. Then, with your palms facing your sides, curl them inward. Then, curl your arms with your palms facing out to the side. Alternate between bicep, hammer, and side curls. Do each exercise 10 times.

Turnt-Up Triceps

Stand in a lunge position with your left arm bent. Straighten and bend your elbow while holding the weights. Jump to switch positions with your leg and again bend your elbow to work your tricep. Continue to alternate, doing 25 to 30 reps on each side.

Punching Bag

Plant your feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with one foot and slightly bend your knees. Now, hold your arms away from your side, bending them at your elbows and form fists as if you’re ready to punch someone. Hold your fists up at your chin in a boxer stance. Punch the air in front of you, switching from left to right and extending them to full length as you twist your waist. Do 20 reps. Then, look up and energetically punch the air above your head, remembering to fully extend your arms. Do 20 reps. Repeat these exercises two more times.

Backwards Bounce

Hold one weight behind your head. Bending with your elbows, lift the weight upwards and downwards. Tighten your core to give yourself the strength you need when your arms begin to feel fatigued. Do 25 to 30 reps.

Need a visual? Check out the exercises below, ordered with the descriptions above respectively!


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