Five Signs You Need Glasses


If you’re fashion-conscious and think glasses might dampen your style, there are plenty of styles that could suit you. So, if you’re thinking you might need to wear glasses, here are some signs to help you figure out if it’s worth a trip to the opticians.

Getting frequent headaches

If you experience frequent headaches and notice a pattern, you might need glasses. For example, if you get most of these headaches after sitting in front of a computer screen, but rarely get these on your days off, it could be a problem with your eyes.

EyeBuyDirect has a wide range of prescription sunglasses, so you can improve your vision, look stylish and prevent further damage to your eyes from UV rays. Your eyes are important, so it makes sense to look after them.

Things look fuzzy sometimes

Have you ever gone to meet a friend and not recognised them until they were a few steps away from you? Or maybe you’ve had to slow your pace when spending time outdoors because you couldn’t see where you were going and felt worried about tripping? If this happens often, there’s a strong likelihood you need glasses.

You find it difficult to read small print

If you find yourself struggling to read smaller print in books, contracts or menus, you might need glasses. Sometimes the font might be illegible or the print is too small, but getting a friend to try reading it is a good indication of whether it’s poorly printed, or the problem is your eyesight.

Getting a good pair of glasses can dramatically improve your lifestyle and increase your confidence. It makes all the difference to your leisure time if you can see what you’re doing.

You have problems seeing at night

Although seeing at night is always more difficult than seeing during the day, if you struggle more than others, glasses can help. If you’re a driver, it’s even more important to get your eyes checked, as driving at night with unclear vision can cause accidents and put others at risk.

As a driver, it’s recommended you get regular eye tests anyway.

Having to squint to see

You might be so used to squinting to see something that you no longer realise you’re doing it. However, when looking at menus or price lists, instead of looking directly at the menu, do you realise it looks like you’re looking elsewhere? A good indication of this is if you find people looking back at you because they think you’re staring at them.

Squinting a lot to be able to see can also be a cause of headaches. So if you want to live your life to the full, glasses can improve your vision and minimise the risk of headaches related to your eyesight.

Don’t put off getting glasses if you need them. The styles and colours that are now available mean you can find a pair to suit you. So, there’s no need to choose between sight and your appearance.

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