Finding Your Light and Getting a Fresh Start

shiningstarWhat brings you joy? What simple things about life make you smile or feel good? What do you think are truly the most important aspects about living? We often get caught up in the small things, the trivial, the material stuff. Sometimes we use hate against others to mask our own insecurities.

The most important thing in this world is letting your light shine. Letting it shine so bright that it burns away all the darkness.

How do you find your light? Simple. By looking deep into yourself and asking the universe to expand those qualities that are uniquely you and driven to your purpose. By asking the universe to overtake your soul with love and kindness.  By fighting everyday to possess those divine qualities that many of us lack.

We must throw out the old and let the new flourish before us. All it takes for many of us to find our light is a fresh start.

Yes, a fresh start.

Because you can’t move forward if your weighed down by the chains of the past. If you allow your previous misgivings and failures to shackle you, you’ll never be able to free your mind and open yourself up to appreciating your own worth and value. You’ll remain haunted by your mistakes, failures, and misgivings. You’ll never realize or see the light.

Agree to break free from that chain today. Agree to unlock yourself from misery and begin a new. Every plant gets a new season. It dies and begins again. Resurrect yourself. Be forgiving and brave. Promise yourself the abundance and prosperity you so rightfully deserve. Go out in the world and find your light.

Popular YouTube beauty and fashion blogger MichellePhan shares how she found her light and what she hopes for in this New Year: a good old clean start.

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