Feel Good About Yourself In 3 Simple Steps

If you are feeling a little low because the Covid-19 pandemic is showing no signs of abating, you are not alone. This new normal that has been thrust upon us is making us question so much about our lives. While we were once concerned about securing a promotion, planning our annual summer vacation, and ensuring that we had a swanky car on the driveway, we now care more about the health of our families and keeping our jobs. The anxiety that this new normal has created can sap our confidence and make us feel less happy with our lives. Just because a global pandemic has taken hold doesn’t mean that you can’t feel good about yourself.

Eat Better

If you feel more self conscious when out and about, this might be because you have put on some lockdown pounds. Eating more as a comfort cutch is natural as we have plunged into depression and feel stress about the global situation. However, while the sugary snacks and the takeaways were excusable at the beginning of the pandemic, it’s now time to take back control. You need to shun the candy and the fried foods and return to your healthier way of eating. Think about cooking from scratch and using fresh vegetables and leaner meat and fish. Dust off your recipe books and enjoy cooking nutritious meals for your family in the kitchen once again. When you begin to eat better, you will start to shift the pounds. This means that you will find your self confidence returning and you will slowly start to feel better about the way you look.

Treat Yourself

Being stuck indoors more and not having the chance to hug your loved ones can be soul destroying. You might be used to being a social butterfly, but now you are lonelier than ever before. When your lockdown allows, consider heading to a hair salon and having a new haircut. Go to a spa for a spot of pampering or head to the top cosmetic dentist for a teeth whitening procedure. By enhancing the way you treat yourself, you are valuing yourself more. This will boost your confidence and help you feel better about the way you look. Just because you might be at home a little more doesn’t mean that you can’t put in the effort to your appearance.

Do Something New

Finding ways to occupy your time may involve social media. For hours on end, you may scroll mindlessly through Facebook or watch cute kitten videos on YouTube. Forget about being a slave to your screen and do something new. Social media makes you feel inferior and inadequate as you try to live up to a fake reality. Instead, do something more tangible and new. If you have always fancied learning a new language, you can sign up to a Japanese class online. If you want to learn the piano, teach yourself using self guided lessons. And if you want to bake more bread, get your sourdough starter honed. Doing something different can give you something to look forward to and boost your motivation to stay indoors and stick it out.

Follow this simple guide and you can feel good about yourself in three simple steps.

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