Every Runner Should Have A Good Pair of Tights — Here’s Our Reco

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It is pretty common to see joggers, sprinters, and runners in shorts. For a while, most people thought that shorts were the perfect running gear. Over the years, though, tights have become the trend and the must-have for serious runners. Most people shun away from them because they are ugly and end up missing out on the benefits that the outfit has to offer. Below we discuss the advantages of using running tights and why they are an essential attire in a runner’s arsenal.


Tights are the perfect clothing to keep a runner warm. The length makes them better than shorts for cold seasons. Some would argue that sweatpants are warmer but forget that they are bulky. Tights, on the other hand, are not. They weigh less and do not flap around the leg. Further, the provision of warmth is made possible by fabric materials that absorb sweat from the skin to help a runner stay warm. The technology also prevents overheating. Tights come in different fabric weight, some good for cold conditions, some for warm and mild weather conditions.

Shield From the Elements

A dedicated runner would want to hit the tracks or road at any time regardless of the weather conditions outside. In some of these conditions, such as windy weather, the runner will need something to protect their skin. Whether the weather is sunny, windy, or rainy, a pair of tights could come in handy. The length in this circumstance ensures your legs are covered. The skin gets protection against harsh elements such as the sun. Some tights are water-resistant, meaning that you have protection from the rain, and you remain dry throughout your run. With such protection, it easier for a runner to concentrate on the running path.

Wind Resistance

Just like everyone else, runners are also lovers of the calm weather. It is always nice to go out for a run when the elements are at ease. When the weather is windy and the runner has to go out, tights would be perfect as they give an aerodynamic advantage. They have a reduced drag that is caused by more fabric. Tights, like automobiles, are designed to minimize wind resistance. The contouring on tights always ensures that your strides are not affected. The few seconds recovered from reduced resistance could be the difference between a races winner and runners up.

Compression Performance

Some tights are compressions gears. The fabric from which they are made holds onto the body like a second skin and aid in offering more support. They increase circulation of blood to the lower body part and assist the excretion of waste from the muscles. The circulation reduces the energy spent over long distances. Compression gear also helps keep tired limbs on the go longer than usual. For long-distance runners, it is what they yearn. Tights also allow an increased recovery rate

Fit and Comfort

Comfortability is essential for all runners. Focus on running is very critical. Tights, which are slim fit, offer the advantage that they stick to their proper position and do not ride up when one is running. The fabric used can easily stretch to minimize restriction. It allows flexibility and the ability to move stealthily. Some have a ventilation system around the knee part that allows air to circulate inside the tights to give more improved comfort. Manufacturers use contoured waistbands to give comfort and a flattering look. Some use flatlock seaming that gives more comfortability, especially in women’s running tights.

Like other running gear, tights also have reflective properties that ensure visibility and pockets in convenient positions to help you carry your phone or music pod securely. The compartments, normally zipped, ensure that the gadgets stay in position when a runner is on the move. To fully understand the advantages of tights, buy one and try it out. There are different men and womens running tights from which to choose. Find one that fits you and hit the road. You may be surprised that you would not want to take them off. Seriously!

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