Eight Style Trends for the Spring and Summer

It is the first week of spring, and the sun is out! It is time to put away those jackets and winter coats, work that summer bod, and get ready to have loads of fun in the sun.

While you are doing that, here are eight spring and summer trends to look out for:

1. Animal Prints

Ladies, they are everywhere. Animal prints are a great way to spice up your outfit and stand out from the crowd. It is a strong statement to show what a powerful woman you are. Rawr!

2. Crop and lace tops

Mix it up with elegance or a casual day or night out. Crop and lace tops are everywhere, and if you are a bargain hunter, you may be able to get them at affordable prices. 

3. Bright pink lips

The right color and shade are hard to find. Pink may seem like a generic color, but there are specific shades that are handpicked choices for our various complexions. If you are doing it bright, do it right with your perfect pink shade. The moral of the story is you can never have enough of those bright pink lips once you find the right shade. 

4. Neon nail colors

Neon nail colors are IN. It is another way to make a bold statement. Any color would be nice, just make sure those hands are moisturized and those cuticle are well taken care of for the edgy look your nails are about to rock!

5. Bright color wedges

In the warmer weather, brighter colors are worn more often to absorb less heat. What a unique way to apply this bright color concept to your wedges. Remember to always keep your heels high, and your standards higher (with some bright-colored wedges for the spring and summer)!

6. Color blocking

This is a new and inventive way to turn heads as you walk down the street or attend an event. This, however, is not a license to go crazy. Wear those colors well, and wear them in a way that will catch eyes (in a good way). 

7. High-waisted pants jeans and shorts

With a belt added, you can have a cinched waistline and an elegant look in no time. A lace top definitely complements this ensemble. (Maybe some bright pink lips, too.)

8. Big  bangles and necklaces

If you are going to do it bright, you might as well do it big. Big bangles and necklaces are great accessories that add to the finishing touches of your outfit. If you are wearing big bangles, color blocking will go well with this look. For big necklaces, a neutral look will do. You can accentuate this neutral look with some neon nail colors and some more bright pink lips.

With these tips, you can be a true Liberette for the warmer days ahead.

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