This New Skin Care Brand Wants Women Of Color To ‘Glow Like Honey’

ehoney llc skin product

What you put on your skin matters, girl.

We are living in an entrepreneurial revolution, and it feels like every where you turn, new products and brands built by women of color are popping up left and right. And as much as we love trying out new skin products, there’s one new brand that is hoping to focus your attention on natural ingredient usage in your daily skin care routine.

ehoney llc skin care product

Ehoney LLC, a skin care and beauty brand for women and men of color, leverages research to create products that provide both coverage and healing. Erika Clark, founder and CEO of Ehoney LLC, first came up with the idea after volunteering at the Skin of Color Research Institute during her time at Hampton University and doing extensive research around keloid fibrosis, a phenomenon that mostly plagues people of color.She struggled to find in-store solutions to deal with her own acne, and thus turned to many of the home remedies that helped solve many of the skin problems she discovered in her research. After seeing progress with her own skin, Erika chose to partner with a dermatologist and a lab to create a skin care line that leverages holistic products to enhance skin of color.

In an effort to help more women of color understand the power of natural products, the Ehoney team developed a digital campaign to help illustrate their mission. In the video below, the team asked various women of color to define what natural beauty meant to them – their responses will have you all in your feels.

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