Where To Find Inspiration To Help You Design A Dream Kitchen

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For many, the kitchen has turned into a home-school, come office, come snack bar, and because we’re spending so much time at home, many of us have discovered the heart of the home isn’t quite ticking all the boxes. Whether it’s lacking in storage, its function has changed, or it just needs an update, we’ve got some tips on where you can find the inspiration you need to help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Instagram and Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are perfect platforms for you to get some interior inspiration. Because both sites use images, it’s a simple and quick way for you to search through trends and find similar images. Following certain hashtags on Instagram will allow you to see new images that are posted and because of how the algorithm works, the more kitchen interiors you like and save, the more similar images will be shown to you.

Once you have a bank of kitchen images and inspiration you can create boards on Pinterest with all your favourite kitchen interior ideas, that you can add to as you refine your scheme.


You can learn how to maximise your space by exploring your nearest showroom. Showrooms are great for showcasing different layouts, as well as demonstrating how different colours, patterns, and textures work together. And because their in-house designers are in-store, you can get some great advice about what kitchen layout would be suitable for your home.

It’s really important that when choosing your kitchen you see spaces in real life, to make sure the layouts work for you, as well as assessing the storage, and worktop space.

Cooking shows

Despite a recent survey finding one in 50 Brits admitting to not knowing how to cook a single meal, we are obsessed with cooking shows. And it’s not just that they can teach us how to make our favourite dishes – one of which is the traditional Sunday Roast – they can also provide some kitchen design inspiration.

Many of the shows feature a central island with built-in appliances and demonstrate how much workspace is required. So, whether you’re one of the 45% who can’t make a simple pasta dish, or you’re part of the select few (22%) who can actually make a Beef Wellington, it’s important that you have enough room to prepare your meals.

Hopefully, these top tips inspire you to re-vamp your space so that you can utilize and enjoy all the time spent in your kitchen. 

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