6 Important Things You Can Do To Guarantee Your Admission To College

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Many students do not focus much on their junior years in high school. This is because they presume that they still have time to study and boost their grades. However, that is not the case. Your junior year is fundamental as any other year of your school life. This is where you get to understand and identify the college you wish to apply for. Additionally, it is where you get to decide on which career path you want to follow.

Attending college is one of the many dreams students want to accomplish. However, the thought of preparing yourself for campus takes a backseat. This is because you are eager to know of your acceptance. Contrariwise, some of these students have what it takes to excel in college. But, they need to know how to connect them.

Preparing for college is not a hard task, and the essence of it is that it helps carry you throughout your college life experience. Also, the purpose of a college admission guideis not to help you gain admission into your college of choice, but to prepare you for life after graduation. College admission officers always want you to prepare for your college experience. And, according to, below are some college preparation tips you can use.

Know the career path you want to follow

There are many career paths one can follow. So, you need to conduct research and select the career path you desire. For instance, Finance, Performing Arts, Mathematics, History or Medicine among others. The choice can be tough. You can consult with your parents, friends, or teachers. Scrutinize or examine yourself and find out your strengths and your areas of interest. You need to have a good grasp of your career path albeit your strengths and areas of interest before you undergo the college application preparation process.

Some college institutions have or offer specialties in specific fields. For instance, liberal arts, information technology, law, justice, media and communications, among others. There are various fields you can choose from. So, take your time to comprehend what you want to gain from your college experience. Additionally, find out the subject areas which attracts your interests.

Research and prepare a list of your colleges of choice

Once you figure out the career path you want to follow, finding the college of your choice will be quite easy. The list of your colleges of choice will be narrow hence it will be easy for you to select from there. Some students may choose local colleges to be near their friends and families. Others, on the other hand, want to venture out and lead their college lives head-on. It is recommendable you select a college which is not near you. This will make it easy for you to focus on your studies. Additionally, you will be responsible and accountable for your actions. Also, it will be easy for you to make your life decisions.

After preparing your list, develop a habit of visiting the institutions. Get to feel out the surrounding and the vibe. There may be a possibility that you may not fare well there. Visit all the institutions and attend the information sessions. Learn as much as you can about the schools you wish to join and find out if they are ideal for you.

Involve yourself in other activities

Your overall performance in high school is a good determinant in your college application. However, it is not enough. One of the requirements for college admissions is to see students who not only focus on their academics but also involve themselves in other activities such as community services. Hence, you need to ensure that you have at least participate in helping out the community. So, if you did not involve yourself before, reach out to a community coordinator and find out what you can help with. You can also join a particular club or sport or interest. This will depict your initiative thus guaranteeing your high chances of joining the institution.


In your junior year, you will have to take Advanced Placement Exams, ACT’s, and SAT’s. Do not presume that it is too early to study and prepare for these exams. Prepare yourself early by signing up for Advanced Placement Classes and register for the ACT or SAT preparation courses. It will help you get good scores in these exams thus augment your chances of gaining admission in your college of choice. Your junior year is where you want to exhibit your best in academics. So, ensure you study and get good grades.

Gain credit

Do not wait till you join college to find out the programs they offer. Get a head start. Register for some programs. Not only will it help expose you to what to expect in your college coursework but also provide you the opportunity to earn college credit. Thus, this will beneficial towards your degree.

Do not limit yourself

Some colleges have severe or harsh requirements for admission. And, there is a possibility that you may fall short on some of them such as your SAT or ACT scores. However, that does not imply that you should not apply to that institution. As in the statement above, your scores are not the only determinants in you securing a chance in college. You can seek a letter of recommendation, leadership roles, community service involvement, or any work experience. Do not apply to the colleges you only believe you have a chance. Apply to as many as you can.

You will never know if you do not apply

There may be a possibility that you will get a rejection. But, you will never know if you do not apply.

In conclusion, it is essential you prepare yourself for college before you get to join. Not only will you know what to expect but also prepare for life after graduation. Above are some tips you can use. Also, do not hinder yourself from securing a chance at a good school. Apply to as many as you can and increase your acceptance chances.

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