These 3 Tips Helped Me Reverse The Damage On My Brain Cells

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Stop frying your brain cells. Add these three steps to your daily routine instead.

The importance of mental health and the challenges some people face in this area are being recognized more and more today, indeed society is no longer viewing mental health conditions as something people should be able to just ‘shake off’, and there’s an awareness that anybody can struggle with their mental health.

One of the greatest challenges in today’s world, particularly for high flying career women and entrepreneurs is that of stress.

Whilst stress can be a positive force in our lives, as it is what drives and motivates us, this type of stress is known as eustres but for most people, stress tends to be what they refer to when they feel overwhelmed and like there’s just too much to handle.  It’s times like this when it can be useful to turn to high-strength CBD or beta blockers that tend to be prescribed by doctors to treat anxiety-related conditions, which slow down the heart rate.

If you want to keep a healthy and active brain there are a number of things you can do from nutritional supplements to better-managing stress and training your brain, which is particularly useful if you find yourself being forgetful or dementia / Alzheimer’s runs in your family.


There are a number of supplements such as Ginkgo Biloba along with certain oils (e.g. Omega 3, 6 and 9) that are all well known for keeping the brain functioning healthily.  Equally important on the subject of nutrition is that you keep yourself hydrated, as your brain’s composition is predominantly water.  This is why people often feel so foggy when they are hung over as a result of the dehydrating effect of having too many drinks the night before.

Manage Stress

This might seem obvious, but managing stress is absolutely essential to your mental and physical health.  Indeed, so many people end up having to visit a cardiologist today due to the damaging physiological effects of stress.

Think of it like this; each time you have a stressful incident that puts your psyche through emotional stress – this, in turn, creates physiological stress in your body – that can, over time take its toll on your health and result in chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, or even heart disease.  If you want optimal mental health you will need to find a way to manage your stress better.

Train Your Brain

It’s important you keep your brain active.  The saying “use it or lose it” is particularly pertinent when it comes to staying sharp, which is why so many elderly people benefit from crossword puzzles and games like bingo.

There are many app-based games such as Peak that are designed to stimulate a variety of brain performance attributes from mental agility to memory, that you can play during ‘dead time’ whilst waiting for a train, for instance.

The other consideration is that you want to be constantly learning something new and expanding your mind, as the brain is like a muscle in that it gets much stronger with use.

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