4 Types of Bracelets Every Young Woman Should Have In Her Jewelry Box

Too often we tend to misidentify fashion only with the clothing we wear: a pair of fashionable jeans, an eye-catching blouse, and a stylish trench coat. But how many of us give the right attention to accessories?  We often overlook the fact that the right bag, trendy earrings, and fashionable bracelet can really transform a trivial look into an unmistakable outfit. When it comes to bracelets, which one would you choose? Here are some bracelet recommendations that we believe every woman should keep in her closet.


Gold bracelets have always had an irresistible appeal for both women and men. Proof of this is that these jewels are often chosen precisely to give the person a sophisticated and elegant look played on the details of the accessories. Why not choose one with a charm? Take a look at the Nomination website and find your favorite. These are bracelets with an exclusive and refined design, worked with meticulous attention to detail.  The rose gold models stand out for their shine and can be used in combination with any type of look.


The tennis bracelet has always been one of the most sought-after and loved by both men and women. Is it the row of diamonds that covers the entire length of the bracelet maybe?  What we can say is that they are a classy jewel, suitable for the most refined looks. Their secret lies in their simple beauty: the clean and essential line is accompanied by the brilliance of the stones that make it a must to wear on any occasion, whether it’s a romantic evening or even for a day of work.

It’s a bracelet suitable for those who do not like showy jewellery as it is very chic even when it is tiny, so you can wear it daily without problems.

Obviously if the wrist is small a small tennis will have to be perfectly proportioned, while on a stronger wrist is more suitable a model a little ‘larger if you do not want it to disappear from sight or that makes it even more marked the size of the wrist!


They could be perfect for a special gift because it is made with love, the only feeling able to move the world, which contains a thousand different meanings depending on the type of relationship with the loved one. With these bracelets, you can express a whole universe of emotions with a few letters and create a jewel always new and unique.  But you can also have it as a gift for yourself, you deserve it! You can have it with the classic or wider strap in gold, silver, pink gold or black. You can choose as many plaques as you like, with themes such as LOVE, FAMILY, LETTER, TRAVEL, FRIENDSHIP, and even FLAGS. They are really endless! On Nomination’s website, composing your bracelet has never been so simple and fun, just drag the plaques onto the bracelet shown above on the display, and decide the order in which to place them.


As we all know, friendship is a real gift and what better way to seal it than with a jewel, as a symbol of memories and of a stainless relationship over time? Surely the first thing that comes to mind is a bracelet, to be worn always with you and, for those who want to look always impeccable, easily matched with any type of clothing you choose. It is for calm and sweet souls, nothing challenging nor eye-catching! So you are looking for something simple but at the same time refined and that can be unique for you and your best friend, on you can choose between different friendship bracelets in silver, with pink gold engraving although it will certainly be difficult to prefer one model rather than another, since they are all very beautiful and above all of the great quality.

Now that you have the information you needed, go ahead and enrich your outfit with these amazing and never out of style bracelets!

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