Don’t Go Back To Ramen Noodles: 5 Tips That Will Boost Your Savings

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When I first received this assignment, I thought about Nicki Minaj’s verse in the song “Freedom”:

“Ni**as spend they last dime to say they copped the soonest Why these ni**as going broke to get your approval? Pretty soon, they’ll be back up on them Ramen Noodles.”

I have nothing against Ramen Noodles, but we all know that they are a sign of the struggle. When you spend so much trying to keep up with the Jones’ that you have to resort to eating Ramen Noodles, it’s time to make a change. Here are five ways that you can live within your means and remain Bauce-y.

1. See a financial planner.

If you are already in deep debt, don’t avoid bill collectors. Face them head-on with the help of a financial planner. They will help you find ways to assess your debt and formulate a plan to help you eliminate your debt and build a stronger financial foundation.

2. Create a budget.

Budgeting is something we all know about, but we seldom take the time to create a budget. Are we too afraid to face the cold, hard truth that the reason why we are short of cash for our bills is because we went out to eat just one time too many or justified our purchases on that last shopping spree as investments? Budgeting becomes imperative when you have to pay rent, utilities, and buy your own groceries. Budgeting doesn’t mean you can no longer go shopping or enjoy a night on the town. It means you have allotted a certain amount of money to be spent on leisure, savings, and bills.

3. Get a second job.

If you make your budget and find that you don’t have enough flexibility for leisure the pick up a second job. Recession-proof jobs such as bartending and waitressing are always available and provide flexibility to work with your schedule. You can also dabble in direct selling or other passive income options to make extra money on your own terms.

4. Shop comparatively.

Don’t pay retail if you don’t have to. When you see something you like in a store, don’t buy it right away. Take the time to see who is offering you the best price on the product before making your purchase. My personal favorite is comparative shopping engine is Google Shopping because they offer a variety of retailers, many of which I would not have thought to search. Also, you can save money online with a VPN when shopping for sensitive items.

5. Have you seen Extreme Couponing?

These women and men are able to buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries for less than $100.00, or even pay nothing at all. These masters of extreme couponing amaze me every time I watch the show. It will take a while to become a master of couponing, but we can start small by joining rewards programs and taking advantage of coupons and promotions on items we use most frequently.

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