Black, Booked, and Boozy — 10 Tourist Friendly Countries for Black Women to Visit This Summer

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As the temperature rises and the wind tends to call your name — the feeling of “getting away,” can itch at us more and more each day. Summer has commenced and the worry of travel restrictions has been lifted from our shoulders. After the glorious hauls of vacation clothes, budgeting for certain activities, and securing passports, the job is only half done. In the decision-making process, the burning question that can make or break the experience is — where?

While vacations can be seen as an escape, one of the main troubles that black women have when doing so, is being able to escape the harsh reality that stares us in the face each day. Thus, we are left with the task of choosing the right place, while also making sure that existing within that place doesn’t cause more harm than the fun we’ve planned for.

There isn’t necessarily a guidebook that’s been established on locations that are friendly for black women to frequent, that’s why BAUCE is giving you 10 n Countries to start your list with. So get your passport ready sis, we’re catching flights.


Enjoy tons of sun and windy coasts in the afternoons followed by a sea breeze. Greece is a frequently visited country within solo-black female travel. Grab your biggest sun hat, a chic pair of shades, and colorful flowy clothes for a climate known for its heat within the summer months.


If you’re looking for heat within the colder months, or some sun to amplify your summer — Costa Rica is always warm year-round. Yet, it’s a caution to know that their rainy season lasts from May until November. So, aside from sunscreen, make sure to keep an umbrella within your straw tote next to your Diva fan.


Looking for water as clear and blue as the sky on a warm day? The Maldives is the destination for you! With a tropical monsoon climate, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your travel photos plummeting due to horrible weather. Enjoy a luxury escape within this island for anyone that is in touch with being one with the sun and the sand.


Solo Black Female travel is also often within Columbia, especially within the hotter months. With its rich culture and history, you’ll rarely find yourself without something to do. You can enjoy walking tours, the infamous El Tumoto Mud Volcano, and a plethora of delicious foods and drinks to satisfy your appetite after all of the activities you’ll indulge in.


Aruba is a destination known for bringing a multicultural island society with Caribbean and Latin American Influences. It is the most southwestern island of the Caribbean archipelago. Aruba is full of tropical weather, breathtaking villas, exhilarating boat rides, and enough scenery to secure breakfast with a view anywhere.


An architectural dream with a plethora of keyhole and trefoil archways — Morocco is an avid Instagrammer’s wildest dream. It’s the perfect country to visit for any BAUCE looking to relax within an aesthetically pleasing location, especially within Marrakesh. The best time to visit is between March and May and Between September in November. Their coldest month is in January.


Portugal is a common tourist destination within the black community. Samia Jay, an avid traveler within many countries, shared with Travel Noire that, “I’ve always felt very safe there, and would 100% say I’ve never felt safer than I feel in Portugal.”

Within Portugal, the summers are usually warm and clear with cold and wet climates within the winter. A colorful city, dripping to the brim with heritage and tons of community is an adventure waiting to be taken.


One of the most common destinations for black women to travel to is Bali, Indonesia. From flower petal-filled baths to breakfast within the pool, who could second guess the appeal that keeps people coming back? It’s known to have activities for all budgets, so don’t let the fear of not being able to afford anything within the trip get you down!

From an amazing variety of attractions to a great selection of delicious foods, there’s something in Bali for everyone.


Accra, Ghana is a frequented location amongst black travelers looking to get a dip into the plethora of countries Africa has to offer. Within Ghana are beautiful beaches and immersive culture that are waiting to be explored. Experience traditional landmarks, great food, and the world-famous Makola Market. For music lovers and those who want to get closer to the culture, Afrochella is held annually to experience African art, lifestyle, and fashion.


Enjoy and emulate tones of luxury within this destination in any climate with any budget. France is a top traveled country among black women who enjoy traveling solo. Between sight-seeing historic landmarks and architecture, to indulging in the cuisine — there is always something to think of doing while in France.

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