Best Gift Ideas for New Grads

College graduations are among the biggest achievements in an individual’s life. Although it’s crazy to think that four years of undergraduate life went by so quickly, it’s anu  amazing accomplishment that deserves to be congratulated. If you have girlfriends or family members that are graduating this season and are trying to give a more thoughtful gift than cash or a card, take some tips from Liberette. Here’s our round-up of five great graduation gifts.

1. IKEA Gift card. Most likely if you are celebrating a graduation, the new graduate is probably on their way to a new city or shipping off for another job. Make sure that they aren’t abandoned in a big empty loft. Give them enough to get a new lamp or a new bedset. Your thoughts about the new graduates place will be greatly appreciated.

2. An Ipad or Tablet. Make sure your new graduate is ready to work by equipping her with the best new technology. Install applications that will make presentation-making easy or allow her to visit her favorite digital magazine sites, like Liberette. She’ll thank you as she gets ready to embark on her professional career.

3. Photo Memories. If your strapped for cash, then give your friend a gift that is priceless (if you haven’t already).Gather photos from the past four years of her collegiate experience and put them together in a really nice frame. It will provide your new graduate with a friendly reminder of what is truly important in life, especially when her days get busy or tiresome with work.

4. Swimsuit. If your new graduate won’t be starting work for a while, get her ready for a nice vacation. Go with her to try on swimsuits and then sneak back to purchase her favorite. Or you can simply by her an outfit that you think would be cute and supply a return receipt so she can change the size if needed. It’s important that everyone needs to take a break!

5. Inspirational Reads. Graduating is exciting, but it can be a bit scary. Make sure your new graduate is equipped with tips that will last a life time. Our favorites? For a career-booster check out The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women. For quick uplifters try Faith, Hope and Love: An Inspirational Treasury of Quotations.


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