These Are The Best and Worst Entertainment Options For Parties

These days the options for hiring entertainment are so wide-ranging it can be almost overwhelming. And, when it comes to parties, the entertainment you choose can be key to its success or failure.

Of course, it isn’t necessarily the type of entertainment, but whether or not it’s appropriate for the audience, which means for every one of these options, there’s a best and a worst, depending on who you plan to invite. 

A Musician or Band

A musician is one of the most common types of entertainment to hire. You might hire a guitarist, pianist, singer, harpist, violinist, or an entire band. But you obviously wouldn’t want to hire a screaming heavy metal band for a group of religious seniors or Raffi for your 20-something friends

If you’re hosting a party with a mixed crowd you’ll want an eclectic playlist that includes everything from Motown-era and classic throwback tunes to Top 40. A bagpiper might be ideal for a family reunion whose members have Scottish roots, or a Celtic harpist for those with Irish roots, for example. 

When hiring a band or singer, you can always create a “Do Not Play List” based on tastes and preferences as well as songs that just aren’t appropriate for certain types of guests. Use your best judgment when thinking about live music choices. By choosing a theme and thinking about your audience, you’ll be able to pick the most appropriate type of band or musician for your party.

A Comedian

When hosting an event, you may not always think to book a comedian, but they can be very versatile. Just be aware that this type of entertainment option can go over very well or very badly, it’s all about the comedian you choose.

Obviously, if there are children who will be attending or people who are offended easily, you’ll need to be extra careful. Do a search for comedians that speak to a specific niche or are age-appropriate for a younger audience. Before hiring, be sure the comedian knows what’s ok and what isn’t. You might want to avoid those who lean towards aggressive types of humor altogether which are typically detrimental to the sentiments of others through ridicule and criticism, telling jokes on topics like sexism, racism, or anything that could be hurtful.

Improvisational comics can be ideal entertainment by engaging the audience. Think about TV shows like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”


For a dinner party, hiring professional ballroom dancers can be a great way to get everyone involved and out on the dance floor after meals are finished. But booking burlesque dancers for your grandparents’ anniversary party might not be the best idea, although grandpa might be pleased. That would probably work better for your best friend’s bachelor party. Polynesian dancers for a luau, or fire dancers for just about any type of party are sure to be a hit.

There are many different types of dancers that can make for great entertainment as long as you choose the most appropriate for the event. 

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