Beauty Sleep: 6 Nightime Skincare Tips

By Lanesha Townsend, BDO

Before you go to bed at night, try one of these simple, at-home beauty tips. You’ll wake up feeling pampered, refreshed and rejuvenated…even more beautiful.

Who couldn’t appreciate THAT??

Moisturize: Moisturize your elbows…your knees…your toes. Everywhere.

Swipe on nourishing essential oils: “When you wake up, you’ll look like you’ve had a facial,” says Chanel makeup artist Rachel Goodwin.

Wear primer over skin care products: Yes, at night! “It allows them to sink in,” says makeup artist Mally Roncal.

Apply a hair mask: From hot oil to the top salon concoctions, no woman’s medicine cabinet is complete without a mask to meet your hair needs.

Try a new kind of washcloth: 
Use an electronic complexion brush, like the Clarisonic Cleaning System, and your makeup will look better in the A.M.

Change your pillowcase: Sleep on a satin pillowcase for smoother hair.

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