Stop Stressing Over Her Bachelorette: How To Plan An Affordable Party

bachelorette party

Celebrate your life on your own terms.

It’s one of those things that has such a cultural idea attached to it that it can seem hard to move away from it and do your own thing. But the bachelorette party can really be whatever you want it to be, and there are no actual rules behind planning such an event. Whether you are planning one for yourself or one of your friends, you can be sure that there are a thousand different ways of approaching the night. In this article, we will discuss a few of the best ways to look at planning a bachelorette party, including an idea or two you might not have thought of before. As you’ll see, it doesn’t need to be all that alarming putting such a night together for your best friend – or even for yourself.

The Clue Is In The Wedding

In order to figure out what kind of a night it should be, take a look at what is currently planned for the wedding. If you’re planning your own, of course, this might not really be necessary to consider. But if you are planning someone else’s, take a look at what kind of style they have planned in their big day itself. This will give you a good sense of how to approach the bachelorette party. Maybe you (or the bride-to-be) is keen on doing everything traditionally.

This could mean a number of things, ranging from a Hunks all male revue to an easy night out on the town. But at least you know the general kind of evening they are likely to enjoy. However, if by the wedding plans you can see that they would prefer something a little more modern and unusual, then you know that you can look further afield and try to find something bold and original to try instead.

You Don’t Have To Spend Money

Although it might seem as though having a great deal of money to put into it is necessary, nothing could be further from the truth. Actually, you rarely have to spend that much money upfront to put together a great night. The reason behind this is clear: it’s not so much about what you’re doing as the quality of the people you are with. So instead of worrying about how it will be paid for, focus more on getting the right group of people together. You might be surprised at how much of a difference that makes, and it is generally the most important thing you need to worry about anyway. Some friends will even offer to chip in to cover the costs of the bachelorette party so consider that as well.

Include A Surprise Or Two

Something that will always go down well: ensure that not everything is quite as it seems. You want there to be some kind of a surprise at some point in the night, but by all means feel free to steer clear of some of the more cliched suggestions here. The surprise can be anything, and just having it will make the evening so much more special for the bride-to-be. Don’t overdo yourself here and stay within your budget. Great ideas are affordable candles or tote bags.

Stay Local

When it comes to the biggest night before a girl’s wedding, a lot of women like to do it big and make it an excuse for an international excursion. If pennies are tight then cross off the travel idea and stay local. Instead, get creative and try to find a new part of town or a new aspect about your city that you (or the future bride) has not explored yet. Is there a lake or beach nearby that you could tap into? How about a fancy dinner spot that rotates in the sky? Save the money from the flights and hotels and use more of it to cover the costs of the actual wedding.

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