ASK A MAN: Do Men Care More About Beauty or Brains?

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This question presents controversy at every corner. Having a balance of true intelligence and pure glamour is fairly uncommon, due to the varying definitions of “intelligence”, and surely of “beauty”. Nonetheless, there are ways we can arrive to a conclusion.

Physical Beauty Fades.
Real Men know that Beauty is partially a function of Brains, because physical Beauty itself does not have long-term value – law of diminishing returns. We all know that looks eventually fade, and when they do, what is left? What type of person are you? Are you kind? Considerate? Selfless? Generous? Inquisitive? Communicative? We should all certainly strive to be. These qualities are timeless, and will not wither as wrinkles take hold of the human body.

Smart and Ugly Is More Common Than It Is Documented.
Supreme intellect does not guarantee that a person – and in this case a young lady – would be deemed Beautiful. One of the worst things on Earth, is coming across a Woman who has all the credentials and capabilities associated with supreme intellect, but through her behavior, displays nothing but ugliness – self centeredness, selfishness, aloofness, poor communication skills, temper tantrums, etc. It is clear that there are many reasons as to why this could be the case, though at a certain point, and certain age, the most common causes are personal inflexibility and/or narrow-mindedness – also known as not using your brain.

True Beauty Is Applying Your Brain Power.
If you can’t think, you’re inept. That’s a very harsh statement, though it is unquestionably true. As a Man, I’ve got to know that you’re on point, and more specifically, that your thought process is sound, and is helping me take my own thought process to the next level. This would be achieved by providing me with a new perspective that expands my knowledge and perception of the world around me. For the record, this is not the same thing as telling me what to do all the time, and not giving me space to operate as an independently thinking adult – don’t get it twisted. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Real Men Know There Is No Beauty Without Brains.
Simply put, Men care more about Brains – boys care about all sorts of dumb things. Being associated with the sexiest woman on the planet, who doesn’t know how to have a conversation about anything besides herself, reality TV, gossip, shoes, brunch, Rihanna, etc. – does nothing for a Man. As a Man representing all Men who may be reading this post, those are actually the characteristics of a girl. Furthermore, YouTube has plenty of makeup tutorials from Sephora that show all of the finer elements of western beautification, which any female can learn to apply as we all know. But give me a Woman who can charm the room, show kindness to a stranger, and soundly articulate her thoughts with grace and poise. That stuff is rare, and not something you can learn from YouTube.

Brains > Beauty.

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