These Are The Things You Should Know Before Adopting A Pet

Caring for a pet is not an easy thing as some people think. One reason why there are homeless domestic animals is because of irresponsible pet handling. Pets are not like toys that you can just leave somewhere and get them back whenever you want. There’s a daily routine in caring for them that will be a big part of our lifestyle for a long time. 

So if you are considering adopting either a dog or a cat, make sure that you are emotionally, physically and financially capable. There are things that you need to think over before you can take that pet home.

1. Caring for a pet is a long-time commitment.

You have to remember that what you are about care for is something that is breathing and has life. So when you start caring for a cat or a dog, make sure to commit a specific amount of time with him daily. Depending on your schedule, you can take him out for a walk either in the morning or in the afternoon. 

A late-night walk is possible too if that’s the time you have for him. For as long as he has a way of releasing his energy, it doesn’t really matter what time of the day you take your pet out. This is one of the many activities that you will be doing with your pet frequently for at least a decade and a half. 

2. Expect an adjustment period for both of you.

If you are bringing home a puppy or even an adult dog, keep in mind that you have to be patient in training him. Potty training and housebreaking rules take around 2 weeks before he gets accustomed to his new home. A good time to start this is in the morning. As soon as you get up from bed, you should take cuddly Charlie where you want him to release all that intestinal and bladder waste. Do this daily and in two weeks or less, you can count on him to do it on his own in the same place. 

Some people give up already in this stage as they are not ready with the adjustment period. Remember that both you and your pet will adjust for about 2 weeks to a month. So it is essential that you commit at least a fraction of your time with him every day. 

3. Pet owners should also be financially committed.

When we say commitment, we’re not just talking about time. Adopting a pet involves some financial responsibilities too. Since you are going to care for something that has life, expect that it is prone to illnesses too. Prior to sickness and medication, there are necessary vet visits for sickness prevention. Puppies should be given their initial vaccinations by a professional and annual immunization such as anti-rabies shots. 

However, there will still be gloomy days due to illnesses even after completing all immunization treatment. Puppies, as well as adult cats and dogs, get sick from time to time. So it is advisable to keep some first aid kits and home medications for your cat and dog in your cabinet. There are many reasons to get pet insurance, so that’s something to consider as well.

As a dog owner, it is normal for you to think about keeping your pet healthy. Aside from home medications, it is expected that you provide multi-vitamins and mineral supplements. 

Furthermore, some pets require regular grooming to keep them neat and healthy. In addition, you will find some pet toys and accessories necessary too such as the best dog bed for chewers. All these require some amount of money. It is going to be hard for you if you are not financially ready to keep a pet. 

4. Determine which pet suits your lifestyle.

So you have decided to adopt a dog and you are very eager to take one from the shelter. Before you do that, it is necessary to think about the kind of dog you are going to adopt. Take a look at your environment and see if it is suitable for a big dog. Or maybe you live alone in a humble bachelor’s pad where a toy dog can fit. 

Considering the place where you will live with them is a big factor. You will also feel uncomfortable if there’s not enough space for the two of you. Your neighbors might also be badly affected if the place is not fit for a dog. It is very important to keep things tidy with your dog to maintain cleanliness, peace, and harmony in your community. 

On the other hand, if you have kids at home, it is highly suggested to take the dog’s breed and temperament into account before adoption. Although most breeds are great companions for children, there are moody ones that might not be good for them. 

Examples of this are chihuahuas, rottweilers, pit bulls, Akitas, Australian shepherds, huskies, Alaskan malamutes and others which origins are to hunt in the wild and protect territories. Although these breeds can be trained to be with children, there’s a tendency for them to be aggressive, especially when they misinterpret a child’s play as an attack. 

What’s more to consider is the animal’s energy level. For example, caring for a husky is not suitable for someone who is not very active. Huskies are very energetic and require a tremendous amount of activity to release their energy. They need the training to do some activities or else they will grind your entire house out of boredom. Breeds like this are for a person living an active lifestyle.

5. Know the veterinarians and animal clinics around your place. 

Your new pet might get sick out of the blue. It pays to know the nearest animal clinic near you and their hours of operation, so you know where to take your lovely cat or dog when emergency situations arise. 

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